Caring for your uncircumcised baby boy

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This is a topic that most moms and dads shy away from, but it is important for parents to recognize how to care for their young infant son’s uncircumcised “wee-wee”. How we cleanse our child’s penis in these early years can have a great impact (positive and negative) on how their body and mind develop later in life, so it is imperative to keep these key points in mind:

NEVER retract the foreskin

The foreskin on a boy’s penis is a protective layer of skin that is not actually retractable until a male reaches puberty (or even some time after that). It is important that, while bathing your son, you do NOT pull back the skin on their penis. It is equally important that you do not allow any medical practitioners to do likewise as well. To retract the foreskin is to rip it away from the “glans” (lining) of the penis, thus disrupting that natural and delicate environment (not to mention it is extremely painful and can cause complications later on).

Keep away from harsh soaps and cleaning products

Just as a female’s vagina has a “self-cleaning” mechanism, so does a man’s penis. Respect the role Mother Nature plays in keeping this area clean and simply rinse the area with warm water. No other cleansers or soaps are necessary.

What if the tip of his penis appears red and irritated?

As tempting as it may be to pull back the foreskin to see what’s causing the irritation, DON’T DO IT! Just as you would care for a diaper rash, be sure to thoroughly cleanse the area and then allow your son to run around naked for a while. Keeping the area as dry as possible is key.

NOTE: If redness and irritation seems to be a constant problem, try changing your son more frequently or switch to cloth diapers. The chemicals and fragrances contained in other diapers are often the cause of the irritation.

If my son seems to be pulling back the foreskin, should I stop him?

No. As embarrassing as this may be for some parents, little boys will play with their private parts just as they would their fingers and toes. After all, it is a part of them and they are simply exploring. Do not discourage your son; he cannot do any damage to his penis through play.

The fact of the matter is, an uncircumcised baby boy really requires no additional care than a circumcised boy. Some fathers may need to give their sons a brief 5 second explanation on how to keep it clean later on in life, but for the most part, all you as a parent needs to do is keep it clean, keep it as dry as possible, and then just leave it alone.

photo by Aneta Blaszczyk


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