Six Reasons Why Coconut Oil Is Good For You

Submitted by Marsha Newsom on Thu, 02/04/2010 - 23:35

Coconut oil has a surprising number of health benefits, from relieving stress to bolstering your immune system. It's rich in the lauric, capric and caprylic acids. These omega three fatty acids give it its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti fungal properties. It can be used to cook food, moisturize skin, and treat infections. With all of these benefits, it's hard to imagine why you wouldn't add coconut oil to your pantry and medicine chest. Consider these top six reasons to use coconut oil.

Good for the heart

Because it contains a large number of saturated fats, coconut oil has long been thought to contribute to heart disease. However, quite the opposite is true. The saturated fats in coconut oil do not have the harmful properties of those contained in other vegetable oils. Comprised of about 50% lauric acid, coconut oil actual helps control high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.

Enhance weight loss

Coconut oil can be an important component of a weight loss program. Its short and medium-chain fatty acids actually help take off excess weight. Coconut oil boosts thyroid function and increases body metabolism by removing stress on the pancreas.

Supercharge immunity system

The human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which has been shown to fight viruses and bacteria.

Improve healing and fights infections

When applied to infections, it forms protective chemical layer that keeps out dust, fungi, bacteria and viruses. With its anti fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties coconut oil helps fight measles, hepatitis, and SARS and kills bacteria associated with ulcers, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia.

Get energized

Those three omega three fatty acids convert coconut oil into energy, giving you a healthy boost. People with chronic fatigue syndrome add coconut oil to their diet to gain energy.

Prevents disease

Coconut oil can prevent liver, kidney and gall bladder disease. It improves our ability to absorb important minerals needed by our bones, thus warding off osteoporosis. With its ability to increase insulin production and control blood sugar, coconut oil helps prevent and treat diabetes.

With all of its beneficial properties, coconut oil is one of of the healthiest natural oils. Buy virgin coconut oil for maximum health value.

photo by Robert Wetzlmayr


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