Natural Healing & Home Cleansing with Sage

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Those with sage at their fingertips are guaranteed a lifetime of effective home remedies for several years to come. Though most herbs are fantastic “multi-taskers” and provide several different benefits to our lives, sage is perhaps the most versatile of them all.

Sage, which is also known as “salvia officinalis” was first introduced to me as an ingredient in my favorite Italian dishes. I was a fan of the taste, and quickly became a fan of the benefits it has to offer beyond my taste buds. Temperature seems to play a key role in how sage can benefit you, so we will start first with what “cold” sage can do to make your day to day living just a little bit more enjoyable.

Cold Benefits to Sage

The idea of having sage “cold” in any form is generally to arrest the flow of fluids from one’s body. One popular reason for sage is diarrhea. After steeping some sage tea, place it in the fridge and wait until it is cool. Once the tea is cold, drink any where from two to four cups to cease the flow of diarrhea.

Stopping the flow of fluids is also great for those who suffer from excessive or menopausal sweating, and for nursing mothers who are trying to wean their children and need to decrease their milk flow.

You can also gargle cooled sage to soothe any sort of oral pains, such as sore gums (like those you or your children have once they have their braces tightened), inflamed tongues or mouths with ulcers.

If you are looking to make a cold compress, turn to sage if you are looking to speed up the healing of any cuts or abrasions on your skin (including herpes sores) and to soothe and decrease the appearance of varicose veins.

Hot Benefits of Sage

Got a headache? Try steeping some sage tea and then placing a cloth dipped in the hot water on your forehead (though make sure it’s not too hot!). You will literally feel the tension melt away and be relaxed within 5 minutes time. You can use the same hot compress idea on your abdomen if you are suffering from cramps or gas.

NOTE: Sip sage tea at the same time for added assistance!

Just as cold sage will stop the flow of fluids, warm or hot sage is said to encourage the flow of bodily fluids. If you are trying to initiate your period or have your body sweat to rid itself of deadly toxins, go for a hot sage tea or compress.

The Cleansing Power of Sage

Native Americans first used sage to try and help clear the “energy field” of life. Dried sage leaves would be rolled into small cylinders, tied, and oftentimes be lit so as to create an aromatic cleanser (these were referred to as “smudge sticks”). It was thought that the smoke would “smoke out” the negative vibrations in a surrounding area.

With all of the uses that exist for sage, I suppose that ancient proverb is true: “Why should a man die if he has sage flourishing in his garden?” Plant some sage in your herb garden this year and enjoy a new and improved you!

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