Natural Help for Uterine Fibroids

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No one likes hearing that they have a mysterious lump or bump inside of their bodies. Our first instinct is to panic and call our closest friends with our cancer fears. When I found out that I had a lump on my uterus, my mind raced with thoughts of tumors and chemotherapy and even death. After a thorough examination, my doctor informed me that what I had was a “uterine fibroid” and that it was not, in fact, cancer.

What are Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids, also known as fibroid tumors, myomas and leiomyomas are a thickening of muscle tissue growths in the uterus, which creates a solid mass that usually does not grow larger than the size of a walnut (though some have been known to grow as large as 100 pounds!). I was shocked to also learn that up to 50% of all women 40 and over can grow a uterine fibroid, and that they are not a pressing concern in most circumstances.

Natural Help

Well, that information certainly put my mind at ease, but I still had absolutely zero interest in keeping this fibroid in my body. Though many uterine fibroids come and go on their own, many women will have hysterectomies to remove them. I’m not a fan of surgeries and medical intervention, so I went about discovering ways to resolve my fibroid naturally and effectively.

Be Happy!

There is a belief out there that being happy keeps our “root chakra” (the lowest energy center in our bodies which includes the uterus) keeps away the fibroids. It is thought that the organs in the “root chakra” store unexpressed anger; so if you live a less stressful life and smile more, less “angry growths” will develop!

Get Walking

It’s amazing how good even a quick 20 minute walk every day can improve our health. Exercise helps regulate our ovulation, which is beneficial in this case as an irregular ovulation schedule can actually worsen fibroids.

Dandelions: Not just a Garden Weed!

Dandelions, yellow dock rot and milk thistle are all herbs that will help strengthen the liver, thus allow us to better metabolize the estrogen in our body. This helps reduce the chance of or size of pre-existing fibroids in our body.

“Pin” the Cause

Acupuncture is a fantastic treatment for a number of ailments, and uterine fibroids are no exception. Visit your acupuncturist once a week for the fastest relief.

Get “Chaste”

Chasteberry (or more commonly known as Vitex) can help shrink fibroids in as short as 2 months. Try consuming 25 to 30 drops of a Vitex tincture 2 to 4 times each day, and continue this for 2 years or more for the most beneficial effects.

NOTE: Red clover flowers (also known as trifolium pretense) are a favored fibroid healer, but do be warned: if you are using this during your menopausal years, it may very well complicate matters and increase your difficulty with uterine fibroids.

Other Medical Options

My goal when it comes to treating any ailment is to start with the safest method first and to try the most dangerous method last. If any of the above are not working for you, there are certain thing you can try, such as using progesterone and Lupron, and a number of surgical procedures apart from a hysterectomy (suprecervical hysterectomy, hysteroscopic resection, uterine embolization and a myomectomy).

Remember to be patient and to monitor your health. No uterine fibroid is going to pack up her stuff and leave in a day. Should you experience any pain or discomfort because of a uterine fibroid, do be sure to go and visit your healthcare practitioner for further advice and support.

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