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Kids’ Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes

Posted: Fun for the Family » Kids' Crafts » Holidays & Rituals » Halloween | October 1st, 2005



By Amanda Formaro

Some adorable costumes have come to light using little more than a cardboard box, some paint and lots of imagination. Here are several ideas to choose from. Happy Halloween!

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1 large box
1 small box
Gray hooded sweatsuit
Silver spray paint
Gray, white or black gloves
Silver face paint
4 plastic milk jug lids
Aluminum foil

Seal one end of box with silver duct tape. Leave other end open. Do this with both boxes. Spray paint the boxes silver, let dry. When dry, cut circle out of small box so that when placed on child’s head, the hole will be there for his/her face. Cut open ends off or fold inside box. Follow above instructions for large box, then cut holes for arms. Wrap milk jug lids in aluminum foil, then glue lids on box in front along the bottom, as control knobs. Use markers (or paint if you prefer) to draw horizontal lines across the front of the box for effect. Paint face silver.

1 large box
Red spray paint
Black spray paint
5 paper plates
Black marker
4 yellow plastic milk jug lids (other colors will do as well)
1 red plastic milk jug lid for horn
Red construction paper
White construction paper
Craft glue

Fold sides of box in on both ends. Attach yarn to go from front of box to back of box, resting over the child’s shoulders. To attach, poke holes with a pen or screwdriver into the box, then run yarn through and tie off. Spray paint the box red; let dry. Spray paint the paper plates black; let dry. Glue four of the five paper plates onto the box as wheels. Glue the plastic milk jug lids onto the plates as hubcaps. Take last plate and cut out a steering wheel. Glue red plastic milk jug lid onto last plate as the horn. Glue plate to box. Cut tail lights from red construction paper, glue on. Cut headlights from white construction paper; glue on. Draw a grill on front with black marker.

1 large box
Small trinket-type toys
Post-it notes
Empty box of cereal
White spray paint

Fold top of box closed, leave bottom open. Paint box white and allow to dry. Cut hole out of top for head and holes for arms out the sides. Use marker to draw a handle on fridge. Use different small trinket toys as magnets; glue on. Stick a couple of post it notes on with messages such as “Don’t forget to walk the dog!” and “Pick up dry cleaning.” Added effect, glue a box of cereal on the shoulder of the costume.

Christmas or Birthday Present
1 large box
Wrapping paper
Large bow
Shiny ribbon

Tape up one end of box; fold in sides of other end. Wrap box up in wrapping paper. Tape or glue ribbon around the box, and adorn with a bow.

Jack In The Box
1 large box
Plastic headband
Blue felt
Red felt
Green felt
Orange felt
4 white pompons
Craft glue
Red spray paint
Gold craft paint
Toilet paper roll
2 paper towel rolls

Tape up one end of box; fold in sides of other end. Spray paint the box and the paper towel and toilet paper rolls with red spray paint. Let dry. Cut out tall triangles from the different colored felts. Roll into cones and glue closed. Glue pompons on top of cones. Glue cones to headband. Hopefully, the cones will be tall enough to flop over like a jester’s hat. Cut appropriate holes for
head and arms. Glue paper towel and toilet paper rolls together to form the crank, glue to the side of the box. Decorate the box with gold craft paint by sponging paint on in various places or along the border.

1 large box
White spray paint
Black craft paint or marker or black construction paper

Tape up one end of box; fold in sides of other end. Spray paint the box white; let dry. Then either cut big circles from black construction paper or paint the black spots on your “dice.”

1 large box
Small box (hair color size)
Black spray paint
Red craft paint
2 dowels from clothes hangers
Aluminum foil
Magazine picture of Barney (or football game, or whatever fits age or interests)
2 plastic milk jug lids

Tape up one end of box; fold in sides of other end. Cut holes for arms and head. Completely close the small box and spray paint completely black. When dry, use red paint to paint cable box channel number on small box. Glue small box to top of large box where shoulder will be. Wrap dowels in aluminum foil, poke holes in top of “TV” and insert dowels for antennas. Use a black marker to draw a picture tube on front. Glue magazine picture onto TV screen. Glue milk jug lids on as knobs.

X-Ray Machine
1 large box
White spray paint
Paper skeleton decoration, torso only
Craft glue
2 plastic milk jug lids

Tape up one end of box; fold in sides of other end. Spray paint box white; let dry. Cut holes for arms and head. Paint a black rectangle on the front, and the words “Caution: X-RAY IN USE.” Use the torso of a life-sized paper skeleton decoration as the image on the black rectangle (the screen). Glue the milk jug lids on the front as control knobs.

Popcorn Box
1 large box
White spray paint
Red paint
Black paint
Paint brush
Yellow posterboard
Craft glue
Red posterboard

Tape up one end of box; fold in sides of other end. Spray paint box white; let dry. Cut holes for arms and head. When dry, paint red stripes vertically on box. Using paint brush, paint the word POPCORN in black across the front of the box. Cut large popcorn pieces out of yellow poster
board. Glue along top edge of box. Cut a couple of strips of red posterboard — enough to go around the top edge of the box — covering the very bottoms of the popcorn. This will give the appearance of the popcorn being inside the box rather than floating on the outside.

1 large box
Spray paint in a bright primary color
6 empty margarine or butter tubs
Small plastic cups
Face paint

Tape up one end of box; fold in sides of other end. Spray paint box and let dry. Cut holes for arms and head. Paint empty butter tubs same color as the box. Glue the six butter tubs to the front of the box, two vertical rows, three in each row, closed end out. To create a matching hat, take a shoebox and spray paint it to match your costume. Glue small plastic cups (also painted) upside down to the bottom of the shoe box. Place the shoebox on your head. Paint your face the same color as your costume.

© Amanda Formaro

Amanda Formaro is the entrepreneurial mother of four children. She is also the owner of FamilyCorner.com Magazine, where you will find recipes, crafts, family activities, parenting advice, home and garden information and plenty more. Be sure to visit the bustling message board community to make some new friends!

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