Autistic traits

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Autism is described as a spectrum because of the wide variety and mixture of symptoms and behaviors it can cause. While living with and caring for a child with autism can be a challenge, it’s important to remember that there are positive traits as well, unique for people living on the spectrum. My son is entry level autistic and in my experience all of these things are true.

1. Autistic people have a hard time lying. Even the little white lie. That kind of misperception is difficult to master. So when an autistic person speaks, it is usually the truth. It is what it is.
2. They live in the moment. Their sensory perceptions are acute and immediate. They notice the butterfly and will stop to watch it.
3. People with autism rarely judge others. They don’t put people on scales, who is prettier, richer, fatter. They make friends with anyone.
4. Autistic people have passion and commitment. My son is crazy about organization. There is a place for everything and he knows exactly where it should go when it’s out of place.
5. They live without social expectation. Autistic people are not influenced by the group they are with. They are who they are and will not self edit.
6. People with autism have amazing memories. My son can remember just about every house we have ever visited and he knows where those houses are on a memory. “Mom, we dropped a box off at a house two blocks to the left and three houses down.” He’s always right and it always tickles me.
7. Autistic people are less materialistic. Less concerned about outward appearance and less concerned with personal possessions and accumulations. My son would give away anything another kid found attractive. If the friend likes it, it’s his. I love his generosity, although I do have to go around reclaiming things.
8. As a result of a lot of these traits, autistic people don’t play head games. They mean what they say, they are who they are, they are honest in the moment. Don’t expect duplicity or manipulation.
9. People with autism will show you a new way to see the world. If nothing else, you have to give up your own expectations of normal. You will realize there are a thousand ways for things to work and no one way is better. Yes, sometimes faster, more efficient, more expected, but not always better.



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