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Preemptive strike on allergies

playing outside

The weather is gorgeous. We run outside. We open the windows. We bask in the sun. We sneeze a lot.

If you have allergies, some simple planning can help you out.

Treatment. Before going out, take your medication, prescription or over the counter. A little preemptive strike never hurts.

Cover up. Sunglasses keep pollen out of your eyes. A big sun hat or baseball cap will too.

Bees and insects. If you are allergic to stinging insects, just keep away. Running through the flower filled field is not going to work for you. Food and sugary drinks will also attract bugs, just like colorful clothing and perfumes. A bee sting releases a chemical that calls out to other bees. If a person is stung, back away.

Food allergies. Think about them before planning the picnic or outdoor barbecue. If you have significant food allergies, watch out for cross contamination that can occur in outdoor food containers, grill utensils, and food coverings like foil or plastic wrap.

Thick brush and bushes. Stay away from thick foliage that might be hiding plants you are allergic to.

Ozone alerts. Serious stuff for asthmatics. Takes these alerts to heart and stay indoors. Be aware that when temps are high, asthma can be aggravated.

Source: American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology; MedicalNewsToday


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