Testerone may increase honesty in men


Testosterone is an important male hormone. It affects many aspects of a man’s life – even his social behavior, in particular, lying. It seems that men who have more of the hormone are less likely to lie than those with lower levels.

In a recent study, it was revealed that in fictionalized circumstances, men who were given testosterone lied much less than those who were given a placebo and maintained normal levels of the hormone.

Testosterone influences social behavior

“Testosterone has always been said to promote aggressive and risky behavior and posturing,” explained Professor Dr. Bernard Weber, a neuroscientist from eh Center for Economics and Neuroscience at Bonn. Now researchers think the hormone’s influence could also extend to social behavior. Researchers looked for a way to check cause and effect.

The test tempted the men to lie, but would they?

Hormone gels were applied to half the test group. Hormone levels were tested. The men were asked to roll dice and enter the numbers into a computer in privacy booths. They would be paid according the numbers they rolled. The men then were subtlety given incentive to lie.

“Nobody knew whether they were entering their real scores into the computer or higher ones in order to get more money. Statistically, the probability for all numbers on the dice to occur is identical. So, if there are outliers in the higher numbers, this is a clear indication that the subjects have been cheating,” explained Weber.

Yes, they would

The test group with more testosterone lied less. More research is needed, but this seems to indicate that reduced testosterone could be a motivating factor for lying.

Source: MedicalNewsToday, PLoS ONE


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