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What a week

I'm sure we all go through weeks that in retrospect we can't believe we endured. Last week was one of them for me. I mean I've had worse things happen. Seven years ago I gave birth to twins and one was stillborn. At 39 weeks, it was unexpected and incredible. I wanted to jump out of a window, literally. I had to be medicated and moved to a room without windows.

This past week was just hard work. My ex decided inexplicably decided to cancel his children's health insurance. And not tell me. It was canceled in fact two months ago. I believe that he is of a mind that the children are simply my responsibility. The kicker here is that he didn't even have to pay for the coverage; it was 100% company paid. He was just being spiteful.

So after clearing that one up, my divorce attorney called to say that my ex really doesn't have representation. This could work in my favor, but it's more likely that at our next court appearance, for which I'll be trying to get support money, the judge will say that poor ex needs representation and the trial will be postponed for another month. Big exhale.

And the boyfriend candidate wants a more committed relationship, bla bla bla. I love the guy, but after spending the time I need to with my kids, I've got four hours on Saturday night for the boyfriend. That's it. Not much. And I have to pay for a sitter for those four hours. He's an investment.

I feel like I do everything right and still get hammered in the end. A few months ago I heard about a man in Japan who confronted an intruder in his home. He managed to get his gun and hold him off. He called the police and explained what happened. Still, when the police got there, they thought he was the bad guy. They wrestled him to the ground and in the melee the intruder grabbed a knife, stabbed him the heart and the man died. Awful.

I feel like that guy. I do it all right and still. At least the week is over. I get to start over again tomorrow.


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Moms Support Group at SupportGroups.com

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