Tips for using online group discounters


Groupon. Living Social. Amazon Deals…. There are a lot of these coupon sites out here. And it’s easy to guess why: we love a good deal. They are hard to resist even when you have no interest in whatever is being sold. And therein lies the challenge.

You probably know how these sites work. Items are offered with deep discounts. The sale occurs if enough people commit to buy and then “the deal is on”. You purchase online and print your receipt– or download the app to your SmartPhone and use the electronic version. Take your coupon to the vendor and the discount is honored. This is pretty much the way it works with a number of online discount sites.

Expand your horizon

When you register with one of these site, it will make offers based on your zip code. People living near big cities get a wider variety of deals. If you are willing to travel, change the zip code and see what you get.

Be disciplined

That 65%-off helicopter tour is an awesome deal, but it’s out of a heliport two hours away. Are you really ever going to cash in on this deal? Try to ask yourself before any purchase “Is this an item I would be looking for any way?”

Pay it off

If you can, use a debit card. If you use a credit card, pay it off. Any savings you realize could be eaten up with interest on the credit card. Plan to pay like it’s cash.

Vacation travel is not all inclusive

Watch the fine print in any travel deal. You can find some amazing bargains to exotic places, but before you click “buy” read the fine print and figure the cost of airfare, transfers to the location and food and beverage once you get there. It’s not a deal if you can’t afford to get there.

Watch the expiration

Maybe you miss the deal and let your coupon expire. Make sure your cash doesn't go with it. Be sure that if you lose the $25 dinner for two, you retain a $25 gift card at the same restaurant. Don't take a deal if the cash value expires with the coupon.

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