Just Two Energy Drinks a Day Can be Deadly


Consuming just two energy drinks per day can result in dangerous heart problems, according to experts. Seventy percent of individuals aged 13 to 40 years old, visiting the emergency room in South Australia complaining of heart palpitations had consumed an energy drink, scientists discovered.

The Study

The findings of scientists show a direct link between energy drink consumption and hospital admissions, according to study co-author Dr. Scott Willoughby, from the University of Adelaide.
He states, “Of patients surveyed, 36 percent had consumed at least one energy drink in the 24 hours prior to presenting at the hospital, and 70 percent had consumed some sort of energy drink in their lifetime.”

He further said, “Eight of these patients had consumed a large quantity-more than five drinks- with one patient having consumed 12 energy drinks with alcohol.”

Furthermore, Dr. Willoughby stated, “Those patients who were heavy consumers of energy drinks were found to have a significantly higher frequency of heart palpitations than those who consumed one per day. And, importantly, fast heartbeat and heart palpitations were seen in energy drink consumers who were healthy and had no risk factors for heart disease.”

Dr. Ian Musgrave, another scientist who participated in the study, said there’s been an increasing concern that the consumption of energy drinks could cause serious health issues.

Energy drinks have become extremely popular in the past decade and more than half are consumed by individuals who wish to fight fatigue, increase alertness and improve concentration and performance, the team discovered.

Dr. Musgrave further states, “In line with the growing popularity and consumption of these drinks, there has been increasing concern among health practitioners and researchers. The major stimulant in these drinks is caffeine, which is generally safe when consumed at the recommended levels.”

“However, some people appear to be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine, and the combination of ingredients in these energy drinks may pose a further threat to those who consume large quantities.”

“Different brands of energy drinks contain different ingredients, but most of them combine high levels of caffeine with large quantities of sugar as well as vitamins and herbal extracts.”


In closing, Dr. Musgrave stated, “When vitamins and herbal extracts are combined together, they can create a toxic combination. Furthermore, the drinks are even more harmful when consumed with alcohol. Anyone feeling unwell after consuming energy drinks should seek medical attention.”

Scientists are not yet sure exactly what particular ingredients in energy drinks can lead to heart reactions and more research is needed to find out more information.


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