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Q&A: Can I practice Yoga During Pregnancy?

When the pregnancy weight

When the pregnancy weight started packing on, I started looking for ways to “get fit” during my pregnancy. Three of the best ways are walking, swimming, and yes – yoga!

You may have heard of “prenatal yoga” classes that are offered to expectant moms. These classes are wonderful in exercising both your body and mind, and often those who practice prenatal yoga before they give birth have a much better labor experience!

There are some precautions you need to take while practicing prenatal yoga. Most importantly, always listen to your body. If your body is telling you to stop, then stop what ever you are doing immediately.

Another thing to consider is lying on your back. Once you are over 3 months pregnant, if you lay on your back, the weight of the baby on your body can cause “Vena Cava Syndrome”, which can lower your blood pressure to the point that the baby is not receiving enough oxygen-enriched blood. If you are ever at all uncomfortable, stop what you are doing.

Realize that being pregnant does require you to make some modifications to your routine, so make use of cushions, chairs, and the wall when striking that yoga pose. Pregnant women are particularly prone to injury during any physical activity due to the increased amount of “relaxin” in our bodies. Relaxin softens and loosens are ligaments and joins to ease the process of birth.

The general rule to doing any sort of activity while pregnant is that the bigger your belly grows, the lesser the amount of activity you can take on. Drink plenty of water, and enjoy the experience! It’s not every day you will be able to enjoy working out for two.

Yoga is good for Stress

Yoga is good for Stress Relief and stress may become a normal condition during pregnancy, particular for new mothers-to-be expecting the unexpected sometimes as part of those unwanted fears of the first time, in addition to all myths and horror stores around being pregnant.


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