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Does Your Baby Speak a Secret Language?

Posted By Lisa Poisso On 14th November 2006 @ 19:45 In Attachment Parenting, Natural Parenting, News | No Comments

By Dr. Linda Folden Palmer

A woman with a “photographic memory for sound” appeared recently on The Oprah Winfrey Show saying that she had deciphered the [1] language of babies. Priscilla Dunstan studied 1,000 infants from all around the world and found that they all shared the same language, such as “Neh” for “I’m hungry” and “Eair” for “I have lower gas.” She successfully showed some moms on the show how to listen to and respond to their babies.

Well, I have to ask: Why would babies have an inborn language that no one ever deciphered until now? What purpose would it have?

On the other hand, any mother who has kept her baby close to her day and night with lots of face-to-face “conversation” can tell you that she does recognize baby’s “cues.” The term “breastfeeding on cue” is exactly that. An attuned mom can easily decipher when baby is hungry, as well as when baby wants to be picked up, comforted, held or to sleep. When a baby’s cues are paid close attention to, much less crying is needed — at the relief of both mother and baby.

While I personally feel the jury is still out on the actual facts of the language, Ms. Dunstan still has brought a valuable message to moms.

© Linda Folden Palmer, DC

Linda Folden Palmer, DC, consults and lectures on natural infant health, optimal child nutrition and attachment parenting. After running a successful chiropractic practice focused on nutrition and women’s health for more than a decade, Linda’s research into her son’s health challenges led her to write Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby. Extensively documented, this healthy parenting book presents the scientific evidence behind attachment parenting practices, supporting baby’s immune system, preventing colic and sparing drug usage. Visit Linda at [2] BabyReference.com.

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