Q&A: How can I use chamomile for child’s stress, pain, or teething?

Chamomile has long been

Chamomile has long been renowned for the benefits we as adults enjoy because of it. From menstrual cramps to stomach cramps to indigestion to colds and fevers, chamomile is the first natural treatment people reach for when ever they are suffering from almost any ailment.

Since this herb is commonly found in households, parents wonder if chamomile is safe for their young baby to ingest should they need some sort of relief. Is chamomile safe? Are there any nasty side effects that our children may suffer if they use it?

Yes, chamomile is safe for your infants to ingest and there are not any notable side effects. Here are some of the top reasons why and how parents use the chamomile herb for their infants:

Chamomile for Teething

Should you visit a natural food store or the homeopathic section of your grocery store, you will quickly discover that there are quite a few marketed chamomile homeopathic treatments available for purchase. I have found quite a few of these to be very effective on my own son, though they can be quite expensive. Keep on reading for some homemade chamomile remedies that my kids have all loved.

Chamomile for Stress

Not only is chamomile great for treating stress in adults, but it works wonders for kids too! Along with providing my children with chamomile in some type of edible form, I will also often create a “chamomile humidifier” for your child. I will add some chamomile leaves (or even tea bags) to the water in their humidifier and turn it on a few minutes before they are ready for bed. Once I lay them down to sleep, they almost instantly relax and fall into a deep slumber.

Chamomile for Pain

This herb is fantastic for treating pain. For babies who suffer from acid reflux, digestive issues, or are colicky, try giving a tablespoon or two of warm chamomile tea. Burp your child and enjoy a more restful baby.

Homemade Chamomile Treatments

You can make your own chamomile treatments at home! These are some of my favorite:

  • Chamomile popsicles (freeze some ground chamomile leaves in a fruit juice or water)
  • Chamomile chewies (take a clean cloth, soak it in chamomile tea and then freeze the cloth. My son loved chewing these frozen clothes until they were completely melted! Just a warning: your child WILL end up with a wet shirt!)
  • Chamomile tea (when I make my daily cup of tea, I’ll also make them a cup of chamomile tea. After steeping, I’ll allow it to cool so that it is lukewarm and put it in a sippy cup or bottle)


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