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Fun for the Family

Managing Your Child’s Television Viewing Time

By Heleigh Bostwick


If you’re like most busy parents, you’ve probably used the television set as a babysitter—or a sanity-saver–and wondered whether your children were spending too many hours in front of the television set. You’re not alone. Children in the Unites States watch an average of four hours of television a day according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)–and that doesn’t include video games or DVDs. (more…)

All About Children’s TV: Where to go for the good stuff

By Natural Family Online

photo credit: Nickjr.com. Wondering where to tune in for educational, worthwhile television programming for your kids of all ages?

Wondering where to tune in for educational, worthwhile television programming for your kids of all ages? Check out Jan Zeiger’s Children’s TV site at Suite101.com for information on some of the latest shows for your kids. Jan says: (more…)

Frugal Winter Fun with Kids

By Sara Noel

frugal boredom, cabin fever busters to do with your kids this winter season

Winter is upon us. The kids get cabin fever quickly when their outside free time is limited. You’re looking for some fun things to do before you all start climbing the walls. You don’t need a wallet full of cash to enjoy the cold, snowy days. There are all kinds of frugal ways to enjoy the winter season together both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few frugal boredom busters to have as your 911 “plan” for the winter blahs. (more…)

How to Make Your Own Bird Suet Wreath

By Stacy Sturgell

A bird suet wreath is the perfect craft for little hands and feeds hungry birds and squirrels during the winter

Many regions in the United States see snow and cold days. With the coming of the long winter, seeds and berries become scarce. There are several ways to help our feathery friends make it through the winter months and have some great entertainment all winter long. (more…)

Bath Time Magic for Kids

By Lindsay Small

Bath time magic for kids - bath time fun ideas

How you view “bath time” is up to you. Many parents choose to treat it as a chore and dread the evenings - as do their children. In many homes, bath time is about as boring as brushing teeth. You, however, can choose to turn bath time into something special, which both you and your child will look forward to every day. (more…)

Five Inexpensive Ways to Help Your Children Invest in Holiday Memories

By Pamela Cole Harris

Inexpensive ways to help your children invest in holiday and Christmas memories and traditions

Christmas memories are never dependent on the amount of money spent or the popularity of the toy. Memories are made up of amount of heart invested and given. This year let your children invest their time and hearts in making Christmas memories for your family. (more…)

Great Big Ideas for Little Jars

By Leslie Sausage

Great big ideas for little jars - crafts and gifts and more!

Do you have some little jars from baby food, pimentos or bouillon? Think you can’t do much with them? Think again!
These are great for simple gift ideas, great for storage of small items, and can be used in the craft room or at your desk. (more…)

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