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Fun for the Family

Vacation Safety Tips

Family vacations are a fun and wonderful experience. However, it’s normal to be concerned about safety issues especially when traveling with children. Here are a few tips to help ease your mind. (more…)

What We’re Reading: Salad People and More Real Recipes

By Lisa Poisso

If you haven’t caught on to the trick of getting kids into the kitchen to build their interest in what lands on their plates, Salad People And More Real Recipes from Mollie Katzen will get your preschoolers cooking in short order. My five-year-old daughter seized this bright pink book out of my hands and spent the rest of the afternoon poring over the possibilities. And get this: it’s all healthy, good-for-you food! (more…)

Homemade Luxury Bath Products

By Martha Matthews

If you like the beautiful designer bath products you see in the trendy department stores but you don’t want to fork out the big bucks for them, then why not try making your own? They are inexpensive and easy to create. When dressed up in a pretty container, they make a wonderful gift. So break out the mixing bowls and give these recipes a whirl. (more…)

Old-fashioned Ways To Inspire Your Kids

By Nicole Dean

Walk through any toy store and you will see walls and walls of toys that are loud — toys that require batteries, have flashing lights or look like your child’s favorite movie character. But what about those of us who want to raise children with imagination and curiosity? (more…)

Frugal Family Fun

By Fisher Swanson

Here are some frugal entertainment ideas for the whole family.

Board games
Board games are a great investment. If well taken care of, they can easily last a generation. You can often find them at garage sales for a dollar or two (even the new board games). Every family should have some basics like cards, dominoes, chess and checkers. (more…)

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In Honor of Whimsy

By Jacque Shannon-McNulty

Children are natural artists. They love to create. They dwell in an amazing wonderland halfway between imagination and reality. They revel in the process of choosing materials, exploring ideas, innovating techniques. Whether parents are artists themselves, complete artistic novices or somewhere in between, there are many easy, natural ways to integrate art and the creative process into our children’s lives. (more…)

What We’re Buying: Friendship Bracelet Kits

By Susy P. Goins

Just what I needed: another craft to try to suck the kids into participating in and finding myself more drawn to it than they are. It must be that “Mom geekiness” that kids so often find disturbing and embarrassing. (more…)

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