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Homeopathy for Health

Can I Use Homeopathy to Help me Conceive?

By Susy Goins

Can I use homeopathy to help me conceive?

The big question posed to me by the editor of Natural Family Online for an article idea was, “Can I use homeopathy to help me conceive?” (more…)

Who me? Moody? Homeopathy for PMS and Moods

By Susy Goins

Homeopathy for PMS and Moods - Natural treatment for moodiness and PMS

One would think that after (muffled sounds) years of being fertile and menstruating, I would have a clue about PMS. Actually, it usually takes an unbiased and heavily armored observer — namely, my husband — to point out that I may be just a tad over the top. He usually uses code words like, “Isn’t it time to take a few ‘vitamins,’ dear?” as he lies prostrate at my feet holding a 50-pound block of extra dark chocolate. (more…)

Using alternative medicines for your family

By Susy Parker Goins

I really don’t like pumping my kids up with some drug to make them feel better. If my kids get sick, I refuse to pick up a bottle of ibuprofen or cough syrup or baby-anything drug.

Those man-made substances lining the grocery store shelf are easy, yes, but they are still drugs. Mild drugs, but there is another way. Why not go natural? What about herbs? Homeopathy? And all those other airy-fairy healing modalities? (more…)

Homeopathy and Toxic Exposure

By Susy Parker Goins

When I hear the phrase “toxic exposure,” I remember scenes from films where the soon-to-be villain sticks his hand into the industrial-sized vat of bubbling green goo. Of course, I sit there screaming, “Step away from the industrial waste, you idiot!” But do they listen to me? Nooo. (more…)

Posted: Homeopathy for Health , Medicine Chest | September 1st, 2005 | No Comments »

Question: Homeopathy - Will my symptoms worsen first?

Question: I’ve heard that when using homeopathic remedies, my symptoms will get worse before they get better. Why is that a good thing? What’s the point? (more…)

Ear Infections and Homeopathy

By Susy Parker Goins

Experts claim that as conscientious parents, we should be able to identify the six cries our babies use to communicate. What are they? Hunger, pain, fatigue, boredom, Sneezy and Doc … No, that’s not right. Hunger, fatigue, Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph. No, no, no! Anyway, these experts also claim you pick up all sorts of information from your child by observing him. That’s a great homeopathic strategy! (more…)

Homeopathic potencies: I thought 6X was a clothing size!

By Susy Parker Goins

You’re strolling though your friendly enlightened grocery store and come to a shelf of tubes and assorted containers with numbers on them: 6X, 30C, 12X. What is this? Sizes? Algebra? (more…)

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