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Positive Parenting

22 Things For Teens To Do Instead of TV

By Carrie Lauth


Encouraging your preteen or tweenager to watch less TV? Try giving him this list of ideas to get him off the couch. Anytime you hear the “B” word (bored), remind him how fun life can be when you live it yourself instead of watching it on television. (more…)

Love and Work, Work and Love

By Julie Jordan Scott


My day started merrily today. Please read that again, with your tongue firmly entrenched in your cheek. Yes, my day started merrily today. I’ll put it in a nutshell for you. Sam, my five-year-old, is having challenges with his digestive system.

When it looked like it was a temporary challenge, I lit a candle and set it on my entry way altar. I recited my most recent quote-to-live-by, “My work is to love.” Mary Oliver said it so it must be true. (more…)

How To Curb The TV Habit In 3 Easy Steps

By Carrie Lauth


So you’re not quite ready to throw the TV away, but you’re limiting the time spent viewing television in your home? Here are some easy tips for curbing the tv habit that have worked for my family. (more…)

13 Things For Your Child To Do (Instead of Watch TV)

By Carrie Lauth


C’mon, admit it. You sometimes use the television set as a cheap babysitter. That’s ok…we ALL do it sometimes! Ah, but it’s a double-edged sword, because kids who watch a lot of TV have trouble keeping themselves entertained, which in the long run makes your job harder! (more…)

Instead of TV: Please, Someone, Tell Me What to Do!

By Gina Ritter


Recently we posted two pieces on appropriate television for your kids. They were well received. But Carrie Lauth pointed out there is more to life than even the best television programs. There’s no doubt that generally the television is on throughout the day out of habit. It practically has it’s own gravitational pull built right in. Children of all ages, and their adults, absent-mindedly turn on the television and either prop themselves up in front of it or walk away and let it go on in the background. (more…)

All About Children’s TV: Where to go for the good stuff

By Natural Family Online

photo credit: Nickjr.com. Wondering where to tune in for educational, worthwhile television programming for your kids of all ages?

Wondering where to tune in for educational, worthwhile television programming for your kids of all ages? Check out Jan Zeiger’s Children’s TV site at Suite101.com for information on some of the latest shows for your kids. Jan says: (more…)

Mother’s little helper


Reports on evolutionists’ theory on the role of an unnamed substance in breast milk which is similar to the sedative drugs, benzodiazepines, in countering infants’ crying spells and helping mothers cope with the demands of motherhood.
By: F. Bryant Furlow, Peter Doskoch

We all know breast-feeding builds up babies’ immune systems. But this naturalform of nourishment may benefit moms as well. It seems mother’s milk contains a substance similar to the one found in the class of antianxiety drugs known as benzodiazepines. (more…)

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