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Have Fun Moisturizng Your Skin with the Soap Lounge



By Christine Climer

Whether you’re looking for a special gift, a fun theme party idea or just the right products to pamper your own skin, chances are you’ll find the perfect fit at The Soap Lounge. The creative packaging and nightclub theme concept make these products a fun treat; especially with their tagline: “Intoxicate yourself with moisture.” Visit The Soap Lounge!

The product line includes a diverse collection of bath, body, candle and spa products and features some items in keeping with the website’s nightclub theme such as Bath Wine and Bath Shots. All products are hand crafted with high quality ingredients and no harsh chemicals.


Unique: The nightclub theme extends from product names to fragrances such as Apple Daquiri and Friday Night Martini. This unique concept makes this the perfect gift for fun-loving adults. For those who prefer fragrance free or a bit tamer fragrance such as Vanilla Ice Cream, the hand made quality and creative packaging of these products make them much more unique than most store bought bath and body products.

Customizable: The products are made to order so the fragrance level can be adjusted to suit your individual preferences. If you want an extra strong scent or a barely there scent, just ask the “bartender.” They also offer customized labels and Memories Soap perfect for special gift items.

Affordable: The prices of these products are either comparable to or less expensive than those found in retail bath and body shops.

Endurance: The Soap Lounge owner Davina Fansher developed her recipes as a result of trying to find a product that would keep her skin hydrated. My experience says she has succeeded as I applied the Body Butter to my hands in the morning and proceeded to clean my house for a couple of hours, with my hands in water and cleaning products the whole time. When I finished, I was stunned to find my skin still so soft and smooth that my husband even commented on how soft my hands felt.

My 9 year olds tested out the Bath Shots at night and report that they still felt smooth the next morning. Either product would make a nice alternative for those with skin prone to dryness, eczema, or itchy winter skin.

Customer Service: The owners are prompt to answer telephone or online inquiries of any sort. They are also eager to meet any special needs you may have and they reply quickly and thoroughly to any questions regarding product ingredients, customization or other concerns.


Availability: At this point in time, the products are available online, at theme parties given in the Savannah, MO area or at a couple of small retail shops. Having just recently opened in April 2003, the owners hope to expand their wholesale market during the upcoming year so availability may become more widespread in the near future.

Tub Residue: The Bath Shots label stated that it would make the tub slippery, but it did so much less than I had anticipated. Use caution when selecting bath products for children or those who have difficulty getting into or out of the tub to prevent slipping injuries. It may also be difficult for those with certain physical conditions to clean the tub afterwards.

© Christine Climer

Christine Climer is a registered nurse with experience in pulmonary disease, pediatrics, home health, hospice and early childhood education. She specializes in the promotion of child and family health in Best Baby Nurse in Dallas, Texas. When she’s not busy with her daughter and twin boys, Christine enjoys researching health issues and gardening.

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