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Spring Cleaning the Frugal, Natural Way

By Cyndi Roberts
First published in April 2005

Remember the days when spring meant cleaning the house from top to bottom? Well actually I don’t, either, but I have read about it and seen it done in old movies. (more…)

Three Fun Easter Crafts for the Kids

Easter was a fun time at school. We made crafts to take home and display for the holiday season. Here are three ideas to enhance the festivities observed during Easter. (more…)

Creating a Healthy Easter Basket

(Editor’s note: This piece is aimed towards mainstream parents, but may have something you haven’t thought of yet! Or, at the very least, use it as a reminder to encourage a friend or family member to go more healthy this Easter holiday.) (more…)

Kudos to Dr. Linda Folden Palmer

Many warm thanks and kudos to one of NFO’s biggest supporters and cherished contributors, Dr. Linda Folden Palmer. Linda consults and lectures on natural infant health, optimal child nutrition and attachment parenting. After running a successful chiropractic practice focused on nutrition and women’s health for more than a decade, Linda’s life became transformed by the birth of her son. Her research into his particular health challenges led her to write Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby. Extensively documented, this healthy parenting book presents the scientific evidence behind attachment parenting practices, supporting baby’s immune system, preventing colic and sparing drug usage. You can visit Linda’s web site at

Cycle Beads Review - Natural Family Planning Made Easy

By Carrie Lauth

Research has shown that many couples who choose natural family planning do so because it has no worrisome side effects. Although for some avoiding birth control is a religious decision, for many others it’s a health consideration. Natural family planning can help a woman get in touch with her cycle and develop more respect for her body, and some couples say it is good for the relationship because it fosters good communication about the sexual relationship. (more…)

Making Homemade Whole Grain Yogurt Butter Crackers

by Carrie Lauth

An increasing number of people are finding they have to give up processed wheat flour products in order to maintain good health. Often, the wheat gluten is the culprit, but that is not always the case. It could also be the body’s intolerance to the modern ways in which wheat products are prepared and refined. (more…)

Teaching Your Young Homeschooler How to Read

by Carrie Lauth

Once you’ve made the decision to take the plunge and homeschool your child, you have only begun to answer the myriad of questions out there concerning how and what you are going to teach. How soon do you officially start? How structured will the curriculum be? How much should you emphasize academics vs. fun activities? (more…)

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