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Reflecting Love in our Homes in February



By Sarojni Mehta-Lissak
Originally published, February 2005

What better month to acknowledge the love in our families and beauty in our homes than the month of February, a time to remember those we cherish and a time to honor how we live our lives. Our homes can be a reflection of love, and there are many ways to express this sentiment to those around us — in our décor, our behavior and our daily gatherings.

Valentine’s Day and the symbols of this date are ubiquitous at every turn in February: roses, chocolates, cards and the color red. Celebrating this day allows us to reach out to others. It also gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the heart of our homes. Whatever we do, it all starts from a place of centeredness, a place where love can grow.

With the holidays now behind us, we can look forward to the year ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh perspective on life.

Warm up the hub
The heart — or hub — of any home is typically where members “hang out” the most. Perhaps it’s the family room, which tends to be the center of home life. Or maybe it’s the kitchen, where everyone gathers to eat, chat and visit. Yet for others, it may be the living room.

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Whichever place your family gathers, let it reflect your ideas and values and the activities you all enjoy doing. First, tidy up this area, then make it warm to symbolize love. February is a cold month in many places, so do things to make the main gathering space comfortable and welcoming.

• Add a throw made of organic cotton or wool.
• Buy soy-based or palm oil candles with cotton wicks and burn them after sunset.
• Place a nice stack of wood near the fireplace, and on chilly nights, light a fire with good intentions.
• Offer a warm drink to family members in the evening.

Make it inviting
Does this room have lots of books because your family is one of voracious readers? Or do you have board games stacked in the corner? Perhaps this room defies being pegged but could use some organization and thought. Comfy? Cozy? Casual? Do you want to kick up your heels on the coffee table, or sink into a deep easy chair? Is your couch perfect for crumbs, or perfect for guests? Define your main living space and make it extra inviting for family members and visitors — especially for the month of February.

There’s nothing nicer than enhancing the heart of a home to reflect the habits, tastes and hobbies of those we love and spend time with. Lay out a couple of natural living magazines for people to peruse, stack board games in a handy location, fluff the pillows, place a beautiful book on the coffee table.

Honor Valentine’s Day
• Decorate with one red item to honor the month of love. Try different hues of red, such as burgundy, cranberry, ruby or garnet. All are rich and warming. How about a red, Depression era glass piece from a flea market or antique store?
• Place a dish of organic chocolates on a table in the room.
• For the week of February 14, keep one vase of flowers in your home.
• Have each member in your family make a homemade card.

The power of one
It’s important during any holiday or celebratory time to keep things simple, and there’s no better way to do this than with “the power of one.” During the month of February or the week of Valentine’s Day, try one of these ideas.

• Practice one kind gesture each day.
• Let family members know they are loved by saying so and showing it daily.
• Encourage family members to gather once a day to connect.
• Write one brief note card to a long-lost friend.

Our homes — especially the heart of our homes — pulse with the rhythms of our unique families. It is from a centered lifestyle that children can find comfort and support and adults can find sustenance to go out into the world renewed. What better time to celebrate the threads that link us to each other than the month of February, the month of love?

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© Sarojni Mehta-Lissak

Sarojni Mehta-Lissak is a freelance writer specializing in parenting, adoption, “green” lifestyles, women’s issues and cooking. Her work has appeared in Midwifery Today, Moondance.org, Mothering, BackHome, MotherVerse, Awakened Woman and others. Sarojni has a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies with a concentration in human development and was an English as a Second Language instructor for more than 20 years. She also holds a license in skin care therapy. Sarojni lives with her family in Long Beach, California. See her web site at http://sarojnimehta-lissak.com.

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