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Cure Your Pet’s Ear Infections

Posted: Family Pets » Natural Remedies | September 1st, 2004



By Deena Caruso

Is your dog or cat tormented by ear infections? Do you spend time and money at the veterinarian’s office trying to bring relief to your beloved pet, only to find that another infection appears over time? If so, you may want to try some more natural approaches to preventing and treating your pet’s ear infections.

What causes ear infections?

Dogs and cats have an incredible sense of hearing. To protect their hearing and prevent damage to the ear drum, their ear canals are L-shaped. The problem with this design is that it allows the ears to trap parasites, moisture, debris and ear wax. Any of these can lead to ear infections. Up to 80 percent of ear problems in dogs are linked to allergies, and ear mites are often the cause of infection in cats.

The traditional treatment for ear infections is to give antibiotics, antifungal medications or other drugs. The problem with this approach is that drugs upset the normal chemistry inside the ear and can possibly turn a simple infection into a long-term problem.

It makes more sense to deal with underlying allergies and strengthen the immune system so that it is able to fight bacteria and other germs before they cause infection. Also, there are many natural treatments for cleaning the ears and stopping infections without using drugs.

Signs of an ear infection
These are the signs of an ear infection in your dog or cat:

– Pet shakes head or holds it to one side.
– Pet scratches or rubs ears or rubs its head against furniture or carpet.
– There is a yellow, brown or black discharge in one or both ears.
– Ears smell bad or are tender or red.

Natural solutions

Clean the ears with vinegar. If your pet’s ears are filled with brownish-pink wax, there is a good chance that allergies have caused a yeast infection. To clear up yeast infections, clean the ears thoroughly.

Veterinarians often recommend using white vinegar (also called acetic acid), because it removes dirt and debris and helps restore a healthy chemical balance in the ears. Diluted vinegar works well. When using vinegar, pour a small amount into the ear canal, massage the area, then gently wipe the inside of the ear with a cotton ball. Do this once a day until the ear is better.

Stop infections with pau d’arco. The herb pau d’arco, which comes from the inner bark of a South American tree, is a natural antibiotic that quickly kills fungi and bacteria. At the first sign of infection, mix equal parts pau d’arco tincture and mineral oil and put several drops in your pet’s ears. Give the drops two or three times a day for several days.

Reduce inflammation with vitamin C. The adrenal glands produce a natural steroid that can help reduce inflammation when ears get infected. Giving pets vitamin C can help the adrenal glands work more efficiently. Pets weighing under 15 pounds can take between 100 and 250 milligrams of vitamin C a day. Cats and dogs 15 to 50 pounds can take 250 to 500 milligrams a day, and larger dogs can take 500 milligrams two or three times a day. Vitamin C can cause diarrhea, so you may have to cut back the dose until you find an amount that your pet will tolerate.

Eliminate toxins with a healthy, all-natural diet. Giving your pet a healthy, homemade diet or high-quality commercial food that doesn’t contain corn, additives or preservatives can greatly reduce the amount of wax that the ears produce while also helping to boost the immune system.

Air out the ears. Increasing air circulation inside the ears can control the growth of bacteria, yeast and fungi. Trim or pluck hair inside the ears periodically to allow more air to get inside.

Strengthen the digestive tract. Supplements such as bromelain and quercetin (with bromelain) can help prevent an allergic response in the gastrointestinal tract, making food allergies less of a problem.

Stop ear mites with oil. When an infection is caused by ear mites, putting a few drops of almond oil or olive oil in each ear will smother the mites and may allow the infection to heal. You usually need to continue the oil treatments for three to four weeks, putting three to seven drops of oil into the ear canals each day. To help the treatment work more efficiently, clean wax and other debris from the ears before using oil.

Try an over-the-counter remedy. One of the best ways to stop ear mites is with over-the-counter products containing pyrethrins. Made from chrysanthemums, pyrethrins are natural insecticides that are very safe to use. Just follow the instructions on the label.

When to call the vet

Ear infections can look and smell awful, but they usually affect only the outer part of the ear and aren’t too serious. If you’re unable to get to the source of the problem (especially if your pet is still scratching a lot), you will want to see your veterinarian to find out what is causing the problem.

Vigorous scratching can break blood vessels in the earflap, causing the entire ear to swell like a balloon. This condition is called hematoma and must be drained by a veterinarian to prevent permanent damage.

Other symptoms to watch out for include head tilting, clumsiness, walking in circles or drooping eyes. These are signs of an inner-ear infection and must be treated by a vet. Your pet will probably need antibiotics to knock out the infection. In addition, your vet may need to drain pus and other fluids from inside the ear.

© Deena Caruso

Deena Caruso, author, teacher and distributor of natural pet products, helps pet owners create healthy, happy pets. To receive free “Pet Pointers” newsletter, go to: www.healthyfoodforpets.com or contact deecaruso @ cox.net, (760) 758-7963 or (877) 877-0665.

95 Responses to “Cure Your Pet’s Ear Infections”

1 Amber Chappa says:

This was very helpful as my lab has been to the vet several times. The prescriptions are pricey and the infections usually reoccur. I am anxious to try these methods to help alleviate my dogs discomfort.

2 Diane says:

I treated my dog Onyx’ ears with a diluted mixture of bleach and water for ear mites. After reading this artical about oils to smother them, do you think I my have hurt him? I didn’t know it took so long to treat. Thanks so very much, Diane

3 publisher says:

I wouldn’t ever use bleach again on a pet because it’s too strong. In fact, even when cleaning with diluted bleach you need to be sure the area is dry before allowing your pet to touch it.

Bleach burns skin tissues and paws, so it can burn the inner ear.
If Onyx is not showing any signs of being hurt, you’re lucky and Onyx is probably okay!

Next time you’ll do better. Good for you for trying to do better!

Vinegar is a more natural item that is naturally germ killing and cleans without chemicals. It’s also safer for pets.
Good luck!

4 Jessica says:

If this isn’t treated soon, would it be fatal?
Also, is it necessary to wipe the ear after applying vinegar? My dalmatian seems to be very uncomfortable when I try doing this.
Thank you.

5 publisher says:

I couldn’t possibly know for sure if it would be actually fatal. I want to say no, but I’m not a vet.

I would suggest comforting the dalmation for as long as s/he tolerates the vinegar in the ear and if you must, wipe out in ten minutes or so.

It’s got to be uncomfortable having a liquid popping and squishing in your sore ear!

If this just won’t resolve, get to the vets.

6 rebecca says:

my beagle has ear mites i put in over the counter medicine and the next day one of her ears began to bleed off and on, she didnt cry but also would not eat solid food only chicken broth any ideas.

7 Barbara Keith says:

My 10 year old lab has had ear infections for years, and I’ve spent $$$ on trying to get a cure. When I read about the Pau D’Arco, I thought I’d try it - it was cheaper than a visit to the vet. I can’t believe how this has worked. For the first time in 6 years she has ears that aren’t smelly and infected and she’s not tormented by ear infections too numerous to count! Thank you. $5.69 plus postage certainly was cheaper than yet another vet visit and her ears are healthy for the first time since I can remember!

8 Kit says:

You mentioned the supplements bromelain and quercetin (with bromelain). Are these human grade or are they actullay for pets? Also, where can I find these supplements? I also have a dog, Onyx, he is part Pug. Since I got him at 8 weeks he has had a black yeast in his ears. Thanks _KIT

9 Katilyn says:

I was just wondering does anyone know how long a severe ear infection can last because my dog has been scratching at it, but what im more interested in is the spinning. My dog spins in circles and her vet said it was most likely a brain tumor, but I was reading up there and i wonder whether or not it could be an ear infection. If anyone could help me with this information it would be great, thnak you.

10 queenie says:

how should i dilute the vinegar? what should be the concentration?

11 Deborah says:

My beagle’s ear infection is on both inner and outer ear flap. Scabby and scaly. Sore to the touch and sometimes bleeds when he scratches. He has been to the vet several times and nothing seems to help. He has been scraped several times and does not have mites. Any ideas?

12 Kimberly says:

Where do you recommend purchasing the Pau D’Arco? Apparently there are good and bad products out there. My story is similar to Barbara Keith. Perhaps Barbara could tell me where she got her supply?

13 Pierce says:

An ear infection can last indefinitely if not treated. Look for the symptoms listed above to see if your dog has an ear infection.

14 jason says:

My dog Lil Buddy Ger. sheperd mixed, has puffiness around inside flap of ear and has been shaking head for a few weeks now. We finally took nim to the vet. and spent near $200 on meds. Should we continue seeking vet or try natural remedies first.

15 Shelia Cowger says:

Where do you get the Pau D’Arco
you mentioned for ear mites

16 Bonnie says:

I have had my schnauzer/poodle to the vet and have tried the Vet Solution, then they gave me opti wash and he still shakes his head and scratches his ear. It is only his left ear, and when I do clean it the cotton ball is kind of brownish. Would you suggest vinegar or oil? Thanks

17 sheri litke says:

I was told my dog,s ear infection’s did not show bacteria or fungus therefore they were do to allergies. He is a 6 year old yellow lab, and he has epilepsy. He takes phenobarbital. Will any of these remedies counteract with the phenobarb.? And I also was told to give him Flax seed meal, to help with allergies. (because of the omega-3 fatty acids) Have you heard of this? I am too, tired of the Vet bill’s and my pet’s suffering!!

18 Geri says:

My 7 month old Golden Retriever has
recently discovered swimming in the pool is fun so it’s something he loves and is great excerise for him. HOWEVER, he has gotten water in his ear. Is there something natural I can do to help relieve it and also hopefully prevent an infection? Thanks!

19 Joann Gaffaney says:

I am interested in pau d’arco for treating my dog’s ears. I am using vinegar water now and the redness has improved but she still acts as if the ear bothers her. she is a 4 yr old bl lab. When she was in her first year, she had several infections. It has been a long time since an infection. she is a house dog and does not swim. also wonder what you suggest I use to treat her for Ticks. would please like an answer as soon as possible as I need to stat treatment for both issues. Joann Gaffaney

20 ben says:

hey does anyone know if i would be able to use 2 different ear infections mediceans if my lab has a ear infection please tell me its important thnxs.

21 Abby says:

After countless visits to the vet for treatment, my dog, again has developed another ear infection.
I think she has become deaf from all the thick brown stuff. The thing is she panicks if i got to squirt anything in her ears. I was once able to get alot of this brown stuff out but it just comes back.

22 denise says:

My beagle has a recurring ear infection. he is now smelly, ears are red, the ointment treatment from the vet never works, he is miserable, can’t stop shaking his head, rubbing it on the carpet - help!!!!

23 Robert Triplett says:

My poodle puppy 18 weeks is having ear problems, and I found your page thru GOOGLE, I am going to try VINEGAR and WATER, hope it helps him before we need to take him to the vet. Thank You

24 shannon says:

I just ordered the oau d’arco..how much do I mix with mineral oil..are there any dangerous side effects???

25 barbara says:

I have rescued a 10 year old husky shepherd. He was so abused that he will not allow me to clean his ears. He is deaf because of a fungal infection that he has had for a good two years. I got him to the vet and we sedated him before cleaning his ears. 2 rounds of antibiotics have not touched the infection. Is there anything that I can give him orally that will help? How about feeding him yogurt?

26 Brittany says:

My Boston Bull/ Rat Terrier Mix has ear problems. My mom and myself have been cleaning his ears and it does not seem to do any good. Duke, the dog, always whines whenever he scratches his ears. If anyone has any remedies for this, will you please post it on this site. Thank you, I appreciate it very much.

27 ice says:

help, my dog has some sort earwax, and the smell is disgusting. its been years and we the vet gave him medications but it keeps on returning back. I’m afraid that the infection will get worse. I’m not sure if the vinegar remedy suits his condition. does the vinegar won’t have any other effect on his ears aside from the building of wax? thabks

28 Your mom says:

Please help me….it still doesnt work…any other ideas?
My Maltese is suffering

29 susan says:

I’m responding to Katilyn(about the dog spinning. If you mean your dog sits and spins, I was told it was probably the anal gland , and usually the vet. or groomer knows how to releive it. I also have a snoodle and she constantly has ear infections I’m told from allergies.She has been on prednisone, tranquilizers, benidryl and it helps only for a short time. I’m told if I take her to a dermitist(skin allergiest) it could cost me anywhere from $400 to $900, and I can’t afford it. But I fell so hopeless watching
my dog suffer.Shes almost 5yrs. old and this has been going on for at least 4 yrs. I will diffently try some of the different things that were mentioned. thanks

30 Christine says:

Question. My cat has a double ear infection. No smell. Just a brownish residue. He has had it for quite some time but just started itching his ears.

I purchased Pau d’arco but I noticed it also contains purified water, coconut glycerine and 12-15% certified organic alcohol.

Should I use this?

The bottle states this is more potent than tintures. Is this true?

If so, how do I adjust this?

Thank you,

31 Tim says:

When a dog has an ear infection, Is the dog in pain. What do you give to a dog for Pain?

32 Violet Petitpas says:

I have a German Shepard
6 years old..and i clean her ears with mineral oil.when i clean her ears, and wipe out with a cotton ball, i get a dark brown sluge that smells,vets are so expencive. what can i use to stop her shaking her head and cure this problem

33 Dave & Yul Hui says:

Our 5.5 year old Pom had a yeast infection in one of her ears. We tried two over the counter ear cleaners before my wife found your website and we realized that it was likley a yeast infection. After rinsing her ear with a 2/3 tbsp water to 1/3 tbsp vinegar mix for three days, our dog’s infection seems ro be gone ! She is no longer scratching and her ear is no longer producing the foul smelling wax. We will continue the treatment for a few days to be sure, but thank you SO much !!! The only additional suggestion we’d add is that for our dog, fanning her ear after wiping up some of the vinegar solution made her feel a lot better. Without fanning she shook her head so much to get the vinegar out that it looked like she’d shake her head off her body. After the fanning she hardly shook at all. Thank you again. We and Cinnamon greatly appreciate your site.

34 Kathy says:


35 Danielle says:

My cat ,Kairi,1yr, has has problems since the moment we got her as a kitten. she had earmites and treated them naturally for a month or so. took her to the vet and he said there were no more signs of the mites but then she had scabbing under she neck and on top of her head so he gave her a shot that desensitized her. about a month or so later her symptoms came back and they are worse her ears are all infected annd she has scabbs that are all over her head(on her nose and eyes) we had to put a cone on her because she still has claws and she was really hurting herself just by scratching. soea anyone have any suggestions?

36 Sher says:

How will I know when my dog has an ear infection? He just started to shake his head a little and seems to have a little discomfort. how soon should i see results if i just try the viniger method?

37 Gaby says:

This was very helpful to my standered poodle.

Once I did the vinegar cure, my poodle was better then ever!!!!!

Thanks for the help!

38 Me and my poodle says:

Thanks for the help!
My dog is now in the best condition without his ear problems.
He had the yeast infection so we used the vinegar cure and it worked!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for the help we needed……..

Oh and by the way, if it werent for you, my poodle would still be in the pain.
Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!

39 Me and my poodle says:

Do you know how much my poodle thanks you for the awesome cure!?!?!
He is my own child! He had tje yeast infection and the vinegar cure worked. I also love the way he’s not shacking his head. thanks

40 Helen says:

How old is your dog that spins?

41 Harriett says:

My cocker spaniel has a very bad infection, The vet has been treating her for 2 months, she has bacteria, fungus, etc and she has been taking 3 pills a day, drops twice a day, her ears are blood red and crusty. We need help!

42 Vet tech says:

Please be careful with pyrethrins and cats. The amount put into the ear shouldn’t be enough to be a problem, but we have had several severe adverse reactions due to O.T.C. flea remedies that contain pyrethrins. And I include massive seizures and in one case death. I realize that Permethrins are far more dangerous, the natural form can also be dangerous.

43 Maria says:

Where do you get pau d’arco drops?

44 Shirley says:

Thank you for the information about using vinegar to clean my dog’s ear. Would you be able to tell me how much water do I use to dilute it???

45 Erin says:

My 1 1/2 year old chocolate lab has had tons of ear infections. We were told that it is a result of allergies. We have tried everything from changing foods, to weekly baths to daily ear cleanings, nothing seems to work. I am curious about the vinegar. How much do I use and how much do I dilute it?

46 Rhea says:

If your dog has continual ear problems, take corn out of the diet. Numerous friends have done this with great results.

47 ERICA says:

I have a 8 month old kitten who has a ear infection, and dark brown discharge comming from her ear i put a couple of drops of diluted white vinegar into the ear canal and it was uncomftorable for her, she ran away and hid from me i just wanted to make sure that i did the right thing cleaning it out with the diluted vinegar and if indeed it may be an ear infection due too yeast or mites, how can i tell how severe is her infection? it started about 2 days ago

48 Sandra says:

My boxer mix will not let me put vinger in his ear. We have to hold him down to put vinger in his ear. He growls and tries to bite us. I have only been able to put a micro drop in his ear. How can I clean out his ear when he runs when I go near his ear. Do you have any suggestion. Please help me I can not affford a vet.

49 marla ericson says:

my dog has an uncommon fungus/bacterial in his ear; do you have any suggestions; now he is on meds x 2 / day; thanks,

50 Chuck says:

I have a Rott and she has been plagued with ear and hip problems her whole life. As most people do, I went to the vet and spent over $1000 on medications and tests. This may come as a shock to some but the best treatment came from my chiropractor! It’s quick, painless and at only $30 a visit, much cheaper than the vet. And..no drugs. Gretchen’s hips are straighter than ever and after a single visit, her ear is MUCH better! I am going to try the suggestions in this article in combination with chiropractic and I believe that we may finally “lick” this problem for good! Thanks for the tips!

51 Justin Smith says:

My dog has had an extremely smelly ear infection for some days now. Now, his left ear is crusty, whether I wash it with water or not. The vet has given me medicine for him, but it doesn’t stop it from spreading. Now it is on the outside of his ear as well as the inside. I’m at a loss PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52 Sherra says:

I have a yorkie who had a severe ear mite problem when we rescued her about 5 years ago. About a year and 1/2 ago, she began having little “episodes”…almost like she’s losing her balance. Sometimes she will fall over, others her little legs splay out and she lands on her tummy. It seems that over the last week, she is also having problems walking, kind of stumbling a bit. I’ve not been able to denote any common activities that trigger the episodes except that they seem to occur more consistently when she is eating. (I’ve raised her food bowl and will see if that helps at all.) Sometimes she’ll just be walking from one side of the room to the other and I will hear her fall down.

I’m wondering if the ear mites could have caused damage to her inner ear and she’s suffering from something akin to vertigo…that’s the closest human ailment that I can think of to describe her symptoms.

She does rub her head along our sofa and fence very frequently, and while I’m not sure this is considered “walking in circles”, she will often walk around in a circle 2-3 times before coming through the doggy door or making a decision to move from one place to another, e.g. before she hops into her doggy bed.

I am going to try the pau d’arco and olive oil even though her vet has not diagnosed ear mites in about 3 years. I worry something could be in there that is not visible through the vet’s scope.

Any comments from anybody with a similar situation would be very much welcomed.

53 kelly says:

y dog is a poodle and he has an ear infection and he keeps scratching it and when he scratches he crys.And my dog doesnt let us see his hear and keeps moving.Ad i dont know how to put vinagar inot his ear and does it hurt him?

54 bev jollimore says:

I have a boxer who has persistent lumps (very small) that look like blood blisters, she scraches, causing bleeding (under her chin).Vet says polysporin; this is not working,I need help. Thks.

55 Elizabeth says:

Please go to www.greatdanelady.com and read about a product called oxy drops. I got it for my two Great Danes and my Miniature Dachshund and even use it on my cat. It works wonders. My cat had some type of allergic reaction and scratched all of her hair off of her neck. You DILUTE the oxy drops and rub it on or spray it and it cleared up in no time. My doxie has allergic reactions to the grass rubbing her belly and since using oxy drops on her she has had no problems and I only had to use it for a few days before it cleared up. I clean out all of their ears once a week with it.Of course for an infection you would need to use it more often. Wonderful product, I can’t say enough good about it and the company who makes it, they are so nice and are always available for my questions.

56 Kathy Rough says:

I dog is constantly getting ear infections so bad that her ear is very red. I read about the vinegar, I also read about pau d’ arco where would I be able to purchse this and can this be used now since her ear is very red? I have a Vet appointment for her today, but this is an on going problem. Please help!

57 brandon says:

My black lab Hunter has had a blackish brown stuff in his ears for some time now, along with redness and the inside seems pretty raw, I clean it daily with a vet medicated liqiud that my mom used on her lab…but the problem won’t go away. Does anyone know if the black stuff is ear mites or is it a yeast infection?? Anyway, I am definately going to try your suggestions thanks!

58 sharon murray says:

what is the solution ratio for vinegar and water how much vinegar and how much water for a shuitzu

59 julie stanford says:

i have a 2 year old lab that has ear infections all the time recentlly it got so bad with him scratching he has sores on the tips of his ears that just wont heal, any suggestions? i was using a small dose of diper rash cream on it since its not in his ear but he keeps breaking open the sores..

60 Carole says:

My 10 year old female Sheltie just developed the brown yuck in both ears. I first washed them out with peroxide and the vet said not to do that. He suggested apple cider vinegar diluted. About 2 - 1. 2 Caps of water to 1 cap of vinegar. That didn’t help much. She got an allergy shot and that’s when I noticed the problem. I put 2 drops of Maleluca oil (tea tree oil) in both ears tonight and it seems more soothing to her than the vinegar.

61 Dawn says:

Thank you so much, for a wonderful article - the cup runeth over with helpful info.

62 Vicki says:

To Carol #60 - please, please be very careful when using Melaleuca (Tea Tree)Oil as it comes in full strength (100%)and diluted strengths. The 100% oil is much too strong to put on most people’s skin, let alone put into the ear canal of your pet. Even the diluted oil can be too strong for such a super sensitive area. I am a huge fan of Tea Tree Oil for it’s many curative properties, but I use it with discretion and great care. The ear canal of a dog or cat is very deep and you must not try to clear too far into the ear with swabs, wipes or cotton buds as you will most likely cause more damage than good. Likewise, when you put drops into the ear canal, they go down deep inside and the animal is unable to clear it out even by shaking its head - so only use safe, well diluted products that you know will not burn, scar or damage the delicate area inside the ear. Do not use alcohol to dilute, use water or a saline solution purchased from a pharmacy or use olive or almond oil. For the person who used Peroxide in the ear, the same applies. Undiluted, you will do terrible damage to your pet. 3% or 6% Peroxide Solution should be used in a strength no greater than about 1/2 teaspoon to a cup of water - use it first on a cotton swab to clean the visible parts of the ear (with respect for the delicate nature of the area) and then introduce 1 to 2 drops into the ear canal. The rest of the solution can be used to clean the fur side of the ear if that is blistering and becoming crusty with scabs. Pat the fur area dry with a clean tissue and apply a little Calendular Ointment or Paw Paw Ointment which should be readily available from your health food/vitamin stores.

63 Freda Williams says:

I found pau D’arco at our local health food store, for those of you who are wondering where to get it. It was just under $10.00 for a small bottle.

64 sarah says:

hi 1 of my dogs has had a ear infection for along time now and has cost me endless amounts of money in vet bills i am going to try the diluted vinegar and am hoping this will work……………i will let you know asap

65 Karin says:

Hi everybody! I have a Jack Russell Terrier with an ear infection. Our vet says yeast overgrowth caused by allergies to foods, we switched her to a different food without corn. She’s still itchy but getting better. Do NOT use vinegar/water solution at 2 water to 1 vinegar, it is TOO STRONG!!!! I had water handy to immediately dilute it with because my dog cried terribly when I used the solution someone here suggested. I am back to using a product with tea tree oil in it for gentle cleaning and the ear drops the vet gave me for my dog. It’s working, but slow. Repeat, do NOT use a 2-1 water/vinegar solution, it will burn, it’s too strong.

66 Debbie Moser says:

I’m so glad I found your website.I have a 2 year old pitbull.He’s my baby with a bad ear infection.His problems started after a visit to the vet.She didn’t change the piece on the ear thingy before checking his ears.A couple of days after the visit we noticed that his ears were infected.We have had him since he was two weeks old and we bottle fed him.The problem we have is he growls and tries to bite when we touch his ear.The left ear is the worst out of both.Can you please help me if possible? Thanks Alot! Have a good day.

67 Amanda says:

I have a mixed dog who has floppy ears. She is also a water lover and EVERY time she plays in the water, within hours she gets an ear infection. Here’s my recipe and it works within 30 mins every time:

2 tbs white vinegar
1 cup water
1/4 tsp rubbing alcohol
mix it all up, I use a medicine dropper to put it in her ears, she hates it, but it always works. ( I save this mixture in my medicine cabinet in an old jar) Usually, I just “rub” her ear for a few minutes, then wipe it out with a few cotton balls. I promise, this is a miracle and I would suggest trying it. The only thing I take her to the vet for is Rabies shots, because they are required, I don’t like putting vaccines into her and I would rather not give her any kind of meds…hope this works for you.

68 Katherine says:

I have a 1 year old labrador and the past 2 weeks he keeps shaking his head…I dont know if it is an infection or if it is ear mites. Should I use the over the counter stuff on him or should i used the remedies that it metioned above?
please write back asap

69 sheila says:

I have a pitbull Nakita and we treated her with Sergeant’s Gold flea medicine, the next day she was shaking her head non stop and her ears are extremely red but do not smell bad would using vinegar in her ears help?

70 karan patterson says:

what is the amount for the vinger and water for a cat8 months old.

71 Cheri says:

My 1 year old yellow lab has gross black junk in both ears, 1 worse than the other, we were gone on Holidays so im not sure how long hes had it. There is a horrible oder but I don’t think its bothering him (of course he is a lab and would have to slow down enough to notice something is wrong). Is it still an infection? and is it possible for him to have caught it from another dog?

72 neil says:

white vinegar diluted with water I have just tried it, my cocker spaniel has an almost clear but watery waxy discharge from one ear and smells grotesqc a hyperdermic plunger did the biz I cannot wait to see if it will work I am pretty optimistic.
Thanks a bunch.

73 roy prewett says:

I came home from college on fall break and I walk in the door expecting to get tackled by my doggie friend of seven years, but instead she looks at me gets excited runs towards me, but is stopped midway by the pain in her ears… she just sat downa nd started scratching… i observed her and she was trying to rub her ears on the carpet and whimpering in the middle of the night… it brings tears to my eyes to see my little friend struggle in vain to stop the pain… but its no use. I’m willing to try anything to help her feel better. She has always had this problem, even when we get medications from the vet it just comes back… i think its our house thats doing it to her, the carpets are old, and probably have a lot of allergens.

74 larry says:

To Amanda thanks for the tip I tried it on both by dogs and it seems to work.

75 Prudence says:

Amanda I did as you suggested with the vineger mixture, it seemed to bother him and he started shaking his head and rubbing on the ground. I am going to try for a couple of days and see what happens. How much vinegar solution do I need to drop in his ear each day? Possibly a dropper full. thanks

76 Diane says:

I have been looking for something for my shelties ear infections he seems to get alot of them. The meds the vet gives him don’t seem to work. At this point I am ready to try anything that will help him. I’m going to try the vinagar and water treatment and if that does not work them I will try the pau D’arco or the calendular oil. He also suffers from skin alergies. The vet says he is allergic to fleas. I check him and it’s not like he has alot,sometimes just a couple but he scratches and loses his hair on his middle to lower back. I put aloe on him and also give him a alergy tablet. If you have any suggestions I would like to hear from you. The vet wanted me to take him to Canada to see a vet that treats allergys but I could not afford the price they were asking.

77 Mary says:

Thanks for the vinegar tip, I am going to try it tonight. I have a terrier, and als have had meds. from the vet, but they did not help much.

78 Janice Brockman says:

I have a black lab and an english springer who constantly get ear infections. They both are suffering now with bacterial infections. I have spent thousands and been to 4 different vets including a specialist who comes in from another state,yet have not been able to contain these infections. Any suggestions on treatment? One vet suggests doing a total ear libation. No way am I going to do that. Thanks for any help.

79 Cheri says:

Well ive been using the viniger solution on my Yellow Lab and in works wonders. He hates in and it takes both of us to hold him and drop it in (hes well over 100 pounds) but I always sit and rub his ears afterwards and his tail starts wagging again in no time.

80 danica says:

is apple cider vineger suitable???

81 Judi says:

What is the correct ratio to dilute the vinegar to the water.

Thank you

82 Denise says:

I think my terrier mix has an ear infection. I am going to use your treatment options. But I wanted to know if this might be one of the causes of her ear infection…
Her big brother who is a black lab is obsessed with licking her ears. The vet told us it wasn’t a big deal unless she started developing ear infections. After a year this is the first possible ear infection. Do you think that is a cause? What can we do to stop him from licking her ears when we are not there? They are together almost 24/7.

83 Denise says:

Thank you so much! I found this article very helpful and also relieved my worry. My cat has the exact problems that are addressed in this article and I am going to try the recommendations.

84 Dave and Ann says:

Our new adopted poodle was scratching one of his ears. We immediately thought it must be ear mites. It smells so bad. We looked here on this site and found the vinegar and water solution. We used it just now and it is amazing how he has stopped scratching. We rubbed his ear afterwards with a little rag for soothing. He acted like it felt really good. He then went straight to his bed and went sleep. We are debating whether to go to the store tomorrow and buy the medication or just continue on with this solution. Thanks so much. It was like a miracle. He was really suffering.

85 Virginia says:

How do you get the answers to some of the comments

86 publisher says:

Please remember this isn’t a forum where you speak with the author or experts directly. This is just an article and interested persons may leave comments.


87 Linda says:

What is the ratio for cleaning canine ears with the white vinegar? Do you dilute it, and if so, with what? Thank You

88 lalo ramirez says:

My miniture bull terrier has greenish brown pus leaking out of her ear it doesn’t seem to bother her and she’s been acting fine just barking a little more any suggestions. Also I heard about using hydrogen peroxide for an ear infection has anyone heard of this or tried it?

89 Robert G. Johnson says:

What is the mixture of water and vinigar to use for dogs ears?

90 Happy camper thank you all! says:

During the whole day my dog was shaking his head and could NOT even laid on his left side. I felt him that he had so much pain. His ear was pink and some signs of blood. I searched the net and found this website. THANK YOU! The medicine works. White vinegar ( 1 tbs) Water (1 cup) and Alcohol(1/4 tsp), use cotton puff to apply it in the ear. Be gentle. After applying the dog was shaking his head, but after a few minutes he was back to normaL. My dog is sleeping now. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR THIS GREAT MEDICINE.

91 Susan says:

My poodle has a bad yeast infection in her ears. Her groomer told me to give her yogurt. Please advise if I can give her yogurt and if I should try diluting vinager and/or peroxide. Thank you

92 Sue says:

My 10 year old German Shepard has had ear infections for the past 3-4 years. I have taken her to different vets and no one has been able to take care of it. I did some research and I started to clean her ears with vinegar and give her vitamin C. For the first time her ears are good!!!! The problem is now she has nasil congestion. Its almost like it moved from her ears to her nose. Any suggestions?

93 Sue says:

To all you that asked about the vinegar. I have learned that it is important to keep moisture out of the ear. So what I did was I took a very soft rag and poured vinegar on it. Then wiped out the ear. That in combination with Vitiam C showed a huge improvement.

94 Kimberly says:

I have a cocker spaniel, her ears smell terrible, and she is always leaning to one side, rubbing them on furniture, and scratching. I use the cleanser the vet gave us 3-4 times a week, but its doesnt work. I need some suggestions, please, because I know she is soooo uncomfortable!!

95 lauren says:

hi, my 1 1/2 yr. old beagle ‘dozer’ has black scabs on the tips of both of his ears. he’s constantly itching them and shaking his head and they bleed (the scabs) sometimes as well. can you please help me figure out what is wrong with him? thanks in advance, lauren.

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