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Ear Infections and Homeopathy



By Susy Parker Goins

Experts claim that as conscientious parents, we should be able to identify the six cries our babies use to communicate. What are they? Hunger, pain, fatigue, boredom, Sneezy and Doc … No, that’s not right. Hunger, fatigue, Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph. No, no, no! Anyway, these experts also claim you pick up all sorts of information from your child by observing him. That’s a great homeopathic strategy!

For me, it took one ear infection and the accompanying antibiotics to “get it.” While our ear infection incidents have dropped drastically, I know that with homeopathy, I can help my kids relieve the pain of an ear infection quickly and gently.

For the early stages

Aconitum napellus is most effective during the first 24 hours after onset. If you are like me (heaven help us if you are), you really need to pay attention on this. I tend to miss the first 12 hours because I am — well, don’t tell anyone, but I am only human. Aconite is indicated when the earache happens after exposure to cold wind. Then there’s the fever that Aconite works best on, maybe a runny nose or dry cough. The external ear is hot and painful. It’s all worse after midnight.

A belladonna baby has a red, flushed face. Her eyes are dilated and glassy. (Women courtiers used belladonna sap to dilate their pupils because they thought it was beautiful. Hmm.) Her fever is high and the heat radiates off of her. She has throbbing pain that makes her frantic. Sitting up just a bit, standing and warm applications to the ear or cold applications to her forehead helps her feel better. She is worse from any jarring, motion, noise, light or pressure. Lying on her right side and nighttime also aggravate her symptoms. If she is able to get any sleep, her sleep is not restful but fitful and filled with nightmares. Sleeping or awake, the belladonna child cry out in pain, can kick, hit or bite and is just plain unpleasant to be around without heavy body armor.

The best way to help a chamomilla child feel better is to rock or carry him. Like belladonna symptoms, these symptoms include severe pain and a frantic feeling. Unlike belladonna-oriented sufferers, the chamomilla child has one red cheek. Chamomilla may be teething. He is highly sensitive to touch, cold and drafts and will let you know if any of these things bother him.

Hepar sulphuricum’s earache is accompanied by a sore throat and tenderness behind ears. She feels cold and chilly and wants to be wrapped up and warm. She wakes up screaming from the pain (better than an alarm clock, huh?). She is incredibly sensitive to cold, touch and pain. Her ear is leaking an offensive discharge. The pain may extend from ear to ear. She may also have the bonus of gross nasal discharge.

If your child has just a red ear or is feeling cranky, try ferrum phosphoricum. Ferrum is good for the early stages of an ear infection when his symptoms have yet to be clearly defined.

The pulsatilla child is whiny. Some books call it a “persistent sweet cry,” but I call it “breaking through sanity barrier.” A pulsatilla child is clingy, doesn’t want you to leave her and feels much better from comforting. Heat of any degree aggravates her, as does the nighttime. There may be a greenish or yellowish discharge and no thirst.

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Advanced stages

For the more advanced stages of an ear infection, mercurius works well for offensive ear discharge, swollen neck glands, lots of sweating, bad breath and that “sleep drool” that soaks the pillow. Hot and cold (extremes in temperatures) worsen symptoms, but nighttime is the worst for mercurius earaches.

Another effective remedy for glue ear with swollen glands is calcarea carbonica. There is definite pain and a full feeling in the ear. Calcarea carb works quite well with an overweight child. His symptoms are better when slightly constipated or when lying on the affected side. He is worse after slight exertion and in the early, early morning (2 to 3 a.m.)

Also-ran remedies

Graphites work on left-sided pain. Try kali muriaticum on nasal congestion that is greenish-yellow or white and opaque; her ear feels stuffed up and doesn’t hear so well.

For watery phlegm, natrum muriaticum. Use calcarea phosphoricum if there is thin discharge from her ear or kali sulphuricum for thick discharge from her ear. Kali bichromium is a marvel with thick, stringy, hard-to-get-rid-of mucus that stuffs up the ear. My 4-year-old sneezes some amazing stuff out (I know, thank you for sharing) when we give him this.

For an external ear infection, verbascum (mullien) can be applied in tincture form to relieve pain.

So, when your angel is doing her best Carol Burnett impression (”I’m so glad we have this time together” with ear yank), observe her symptoms to determine which remedy fits best. If earaches are infrequent, use a lower dose — say, 6X to 30C. If your child develops frequent ear infections, treat the symptoms as best you can until you can get to the doctor of your choice. Of course, I recommend you find a qualified homeopath in your area.

And my favorite caveat: If the remedy is wrong, nothing will happen. No effects or side effects at all. If you give the correct remedy, symptoms will get worse, but then they will improve. You can get through it. Believe me, with a properly selected remedy, your bundle of joy will feel better in no time.

© Susy Parker Goins

An informal student of natural health for years, Susy Parker Goins received her certificate in homeopathy from the American College of Health Sciences. The self-proclaimed out-of-the-mainstream mama of three is a writer, belly dancer, actress, costumer and cook and has celebrated 20 years of marriage.

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