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Question: Homeopathy - Will my symptoms worsen first?

Posted: Health & Wellness » Homeopathy for Health » Medicine Chest | February 1st, 2005



Question: I’ve heard that when using homeopathic remedies, my symptoms will get worse before they get better. Why is that a good thing? What’s the point?

Susy Parker Goins replies: First, may I point out that while your symptoms do worsen with the correct remedy, in the end, you actually feel better. You gain mental clarity. I know I get all foggy when I’m sick, so the mental clarity helps brighten my outlook.

Now for the symptoms. When you are sick, your body gets stuck, so to speak. Homeopathic remedies give your body the nudge it needs to get unstuck. I see it as being like a cartoon character trying to start running; they always seem to take a few steps back before they really take off. It’s called a “healing reaction” or “healing crisis.” (But I still feel like Wyle E. Coyote gearing up for the big chase.)

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Another fact of homeopathy is the direction of cure. It starts from top to bottom, inside to outside, last to first. So if you’re treating an issue with the correct remedy, you will feel better and get better sleep but experience symptoms you thought were done long ago. This is homeopathy helping you to heal “gently, completely and permanently.”

So please don’t let the fact that symptoms seem to worsen before they improve put you off from trying homeopathic remedies. It’s a normal reaction that lets you know you’re on the right track.

© Susy Parker Goins

An informal student of natural health for years, Susy Goins received her certificate in homeopathy from the American College of Health Sciences. The self-proclaimed out-of-the-mainstream mama of three is a writer, belly dancer, actress, costumer and cook and will soon be celebrating 20 years of marriage to her husband.

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