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Homeopathy and Toxic Exposure

Posted: Homeopathy for Health » Medicine Chest | September 1st, 2005



By Susy Parker Goins

When I hear the phrase “toxic exposure,” I remember scenes from films where the soon-to-be villain sticks his hand into the industrial-sized vat of bubbling green goo. Of course, I sit there screaming, “Step away from the industrial waste, you idiot!” But do they listen to me? Nooo.

As I have taken steps to live a more natural lifestyle, I have found that industrial waste is not limited to the Hollywood-sized vat. Toxins can be found everywhere (just what your favorite paranoiac wants to hear). Pesticides, vaccines, and even terrorist tactics involve toxins that — well, hey, they won’t make your face melt off, but they do pose a myriad of threats to our health.

Get it all out

The beauty of homeopathy lies not in suppressing symptoms yet retaining the toxins, but in actually excreting those toxins adversely affecting your health.

It is possible to treat exposure symptoms with a simple homeopathic first aid kit. It’s also worthwhile to check out some of the suppliers for homeopathic dilutions of various toxins to use as a prophylactic. So if you know you’ll be picnicking in an erstwhile nuclear test site, then yes, taking the appropriate remedy beforehand will help minimize symptoms. On the other hand, if your exposure is to an unknown substance, then observe your symptoms closely to determine which remedy best fits your needs.

A caveat for using internet vendors: There are vendors online who have all sorts of outrageous remedies – eagle feathers, absinthe, cathode ray tube, et al. – but the listings do not include recommended uses or provings. Do not order these unless you are sure (or your homeopath is sure) of the whys and wherefores of use. I am not disparaging the quality of the remedies these vendors sell, but why buy something just because you can — especially any sort of medication? End of sermon.

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Symptoms of toxicity

So on to how to deal with some of the symptoms you may experience resulting from toxic exposure.

Aconitum napellus and Arnica montana are your best friends for trauma. Aconite focuses on fear and terror; Arnica for shock. These are most effective if taken immediately after exposure, but they are effective at any time.

Arsenicum is the remedy for symptoms resulting from or resembling food poisoning: vomiting, stomach cramps, cravings for something cold to drink, then throwing it right up — you know, the fun, pretty stuff that makes you glad to be alive. Another interesting symptom that benefits from Arsenicum is extreme exhaustion that is completely out of proportion with the level of illness or exertion (not the “I’m so out of shape” type).

For the Garbos in your life, the “I want to be left alone” types, Bryonia alba is your best bet. Bryonia works well for those who are irritable, want to bring down their body temperature and want to go home. Also flu-like symptoms, migraines, dizziness or a sharp pain in the side are indicators for Bryonia.

You’re standing in your yard and someone suddenly topples over. Pull out your Carbo vegetabilis. Carbo veg is good for the “sudden collapse” with arms and legs feeling cold, looking blue, clammy. It works quite well for those Jane Austen “she’s never completely recovered from her illness” types — the ones who want to be constantly fanned or yearn for fresh air.

Another good overall weakness and trembling remedy is Gelsemium sempervirens. Especially valuable for the emotionally sensitive, Gelsemium works for cloudy thinking, slowing down in everything, fearful anticipation of events or worry, shivering, migraines.

Apis mellifica, homeopathic honey bee, is for redness, swelling and burns. Studies on mice have proven that exposures to toxins causing redness of skin are healed using Apis.

Hypericum perforatum, more commonly known as St. John’s Wort, is fabulous for nerve pain or trauma. If the pain travels up the nerve or you’re suffering from nervous depression or seizures, consider Hypericum. (Caveat number two: seizures and depression are not self-limiting conditions; get to your favorite homeopath for treatment.)

Ahhh, Nux vomica is great for that situation comedy hangover. Upset stomach, too much light, too much noise, pounding headache, thirst — too much of anything aggravates the Nux symptoms.

Homeopathic poison ivy, Rhux toxicodendron, works best on rashes that itch and burn, thanks to the Law of Similars. You’ll also see favorable results using Rhus tox on restlessness, “rusty gate” stiffness, paralysis (but still call 911 with paralysis) and fever with the runs.

Finally, Sulphur is the remedy that supports other remedies’ actions. Sulphur is also good for relapsing symptoms and the feeling that you’re trembling on the inside. Once you’ve taken a previously listed remedy, pop a Sulphur pellet to help it along.

Yes, we are all working together to make planet Earth safer and healthier for us all to live on. Doing our part to clean up the place to leave it better for our children’s children and all. We also need to clean ourselves up. And homeopathy can help you do just that.



© Susy Parker Goins

An informal student of natural health for years, Susy P. Goins received her certificate in homeopathy from the American College of Health Sciences. The self-proclaimed out-of-the-mainstream mama of three is a writer, belly dancer, actress, costumer and cook and has been married for more than twenty years.

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