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Getting Back to Basics with Babywearing



By Patricia Newton

When my oldest daughter was my only, I wore her often. I started with a sling. A mother wearing a baby in a sling was, I suppose, an odd sight in this unfriendly town. Lots of people stared, but no one dared to comment except one woman.

Daddy babywearing child with baby sling - attachment parenting technique of choice!
Photo © www.peppermint.com, Used by permission.

She looked at me one day, wrinkled up her nose and said, “Mmm … That would hurt my hip.” At the time, I didn’t have much of a response — but I have thought of a few good ones since then.

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Why don’t more parents wear their babies? Maybe it‘s because we just don‘t see other people do it. It’s not the norm.

Maybe it’s because we tend to view newborns as small beings who need to learn independence. They should not fuss much but fall asleep on their own and be content with physical separation from their caregivers.

Or perhaps it’s because women are tired of carrying their babies internally during pregnancy; once their babies are born, they feel they deserve a break. (This brings to mind one great advantage of your baby’s becoming accustomed to a sling: It allows dads to get an idea of how it feels to be ten months pregnant!)

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An extension of pregnancy
Babywearing is actually an extension of pregnancy, which in turn is part of the overall curve of parenting. Good parenting results in happy, secure and intelligent kids. Babies who are worn tend to cry less than others. They are more aware of their caregivers and the world around them because they spend their days observing interesting occurrences rather than sitting in a chair, staring into space.

Many times while I was out with my daughter, she would fall asleep in the sling. It always gave me a proud maternal feeling to slip the sling over my head and place her, undisturbed and still cradled in the sling, in the car seat. Considering that my first baby never slept for more than three consecutive hours until she was about one and a half years old, one can imagine how thankful I was for the nurturing power of a baby sling. This was one piece of baby paraphernalia that actually made my days a little easier.

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Thinking about “baby things”
In today’s society, we tend to think we need things to survive. Preparing for a baby is no exception. Just think about all the stuff we purchase way before the baby is even born. At a typical baby shower, parents receive a swing, a crib, a bassinet, a stroller, one or two car seats and an entertaining “saucer.”

What is the purpose of all these items made of plastic, wood or metal? They are designed to hold your baby. How nurturing is that?

For me, an active mom who has spent a total of 40 months of her life breastfeeding her babies, a sling is an indispensable tool. I don’t need the crib and that bulky baby carrier that doubles as a car seat. Just give me a sling and a blanket, and we’re good to go.

Forget all the colorful plastic things that will take up endless space throughout your home. All you really need to take wonderful care of your baby are The Four Bs: butt covers (diapers), your breasts, a blanket — and a baby sling.

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© Patricia Newton

A busy homeschooling mom of three, Patricia Newton has a passion for helping childbearing women and their families. She is the founder of a national program for military families, Operation Special Delivery, and the owner of Proud Pregnancies, and provides doula services as well as childbirth and breastfeeding education in southern New Jersey.

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