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In Public

The Primary Nursing in Public Myth: “The Right Not To Be Offended”

By Sher Maloney

Nursing in public myth -- The right not to be offended

People suppose they have the right not to be made uncomfortable by seeing a baby nursing, but that is their desire, not the actual case. That kind of sense of entitlement is founded on a false premise.

There is no such thing as “The Right Not To Be Offended”. (more…)

Posted: Breastfeeding , In Public | February 5th, 2007 | 22 Comments »

In the News: Food or lewd? Why we get so worked up about how women feed their babies

By Debbie Cafazzo
Excerpt from MSNBC Article, Jan 30, 2007

Julie Wheelan was confronted by a Rhode Island shopping mall security guard.

A restaurant assistant manager in Las Vegas criticized Emilee Holt.

And a lifeguard at a public pool in Washington state ordered Laurie Waldherr away from the water.

Their offense? Breast-feeding in public. (more…)

Posted: Breastfeeding , In Public , Activism , In the News | January 31st, 2007 | 1 Comment »

Getting Out Sans Baby: Is It Just a Matter of Milk?

By Jan Hunt

It can be worrisome for loving parents to think that their baby may be in a situation in which an important need such as hunger cannot be satisfied. (more…)

Nursing Among Friends

By Pamela Kock

When I was eight months pregnant with my son, I attended a breastfeeding class given by my local baby-friendly (UNICEF-certified) hospital. It was wonderful; I learned a lot and gained confidence. But one thing they didn’t teach in that class was how to breastfeed around people who had never known a nursing mom. (more…)

Posted: Breastfeeding , In Public | June 1st, 2003 | 2 Comments »

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