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Natural Planning

So You Want to Try Natural Family Planning

By Tricia Ballad

So you’re ready to try natural family planning … Where do you go from here? It all depends on your style. There are small group classes, self-study courses or you could just hit the local bookstore’s health and wellness section. (more…)

Fertility After Childbirth: When You’re Ready but Your Body’s Not (and Vice Versa)

By Tricia Ballad

You’ve heard that breastfeeding postpones the return of fertility. You’re a few weeks postpartum, you’ve (finally!) stopped bleeding and now you’re wondering – how long before your regular periods start up again? When should you start charting your fertility signs again? (more…)

Let Your Computer Do the Analysis in Natural Family Planning

By Tricia Ballad

Successfully practicing natural family planning relies on interpreting fertility patterns accurately. Usually, women record their fertility symptoms on a paper chart, and then she and her partner interpret what the collection of symptoms mean. (more…)

Natural family planning: A man’s perspective

By Tricia Ballad

One of the things that sets Natural Family Planning (NFP) apart from conventional birth control methods is the inclusion of the man in a couple’s family planning. (more…)

Fertility awareness: We’ve come a long way since the rhythm method

By Tricia Ballad

We’ve come a long way since the rhythm method of the 1920s, which was based on a one-size-fits-all theory of fertility. It worked — as long as your cycles were exactly 28 days long and you ovulated right on schedule at day fourteen. (more…)

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