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Kids Learning

Attachment Parenting articles to motivate and support your choice to practice AP.

Instead of TV: Please, Someone, Tell Me What to Do!

By Gina Ritter


Recently we posted two pieces on appropriate television for your kids. They were well received. But Carrie Lauth pointed out there is more to life than even the best television programs. There’s no doubt that generally the television is on throughout the day out of habit. It practically has it’s own gravitational pull built right in. Children of all ages, and their adults, absent-mindedly turn on the television and either prop themselves up in front of it or walk away and let it go on in the background. (more…)

Managing Your Child’s Television Viewing Time

By Heleigh Bostwick


If you’re like most busy parents, you’ve probably used the television set as a babysitter—or a sanity-saver–and wondered whether your children were spending too many hours in front of the television set. You’re not alone. Children in the Unites States watch an average of four hours of television a day according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)–and that doesn’t include video games or DVDs. (more…)

All About Children’s TV: Where to go for the good stuff

By Natural Family Online

photo credit: Nickjr.com. Wondering where to tune in for educational, worthwhile television programming for your kids of all ages?

Wondering where to tune in for educational, worthwhile television programming for your kids of all ages? Check out Jan Zeiger’s Children’s TV site at Suite101.com for information on some of the latest shows for your kids. Jan says: (more…)

Frugal Winter Fun with Kids

By Sara Noel

frugal boredom, cabin fever busters to do with your kids this winter season

Winter is upon us. The kids get cabin fever quickly when their outside free time is limited. You’re looking for some fun things to do before you all start climbing the walls. You don’t need a wallet full of cash to enjoy the cold, snowy days. There are all kinds of frugal ways to enjoy the winter season together both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few frugal boredom busters to have as your 911 “plan” for the winter blahs. (more…)

Home Sweet School

By Lisa Poisso

“What are you doing at the park this early on a school day?”

It’s an innocent question that more and more kids answer with two simple words: “I homeschool.” It seems like everyone knows a homeschooling family these days — and they’re not just hippies or fundamentalists. Who are all these homeschoolers, and why are more and more families turning to homeschooling? (more…)

Posted: Children & Teens , Homeschool , Kids Learning | November 18th, 2006 | 1 Comment »

In the News: Breastfeeding/IQ Link Questioned

By Dr. Linda Folden Palmer

Does breastfeeding protect IQ levels? A recent study led to big media announcements that breastfeeding does not improve intelligence, as previously believed.

However, the study published in the British Medical Journal had two major flaws. (more…)

What We’re Reading: Kids Who Think Outside the Box

Review by C. Delia Scarpitti

We have all seen them in the crowd — the children who move to a different beat than the others. Often, they’re wearing snow boots on a sunny day, staring at the patterns of the clouds with their fingers smudged with paint or (more…)

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