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Who me? Moody? Homeopathy for PMS and Moods

By Susy Goins

Homeopathy for PMS and Moods - Natural treatment for moodiness and PMS

One would think that after (muffled sounds) years of being fertile and menstruating, I would have a clue about PMS. Actually, it usually takes an unbiased and heavily armored observer — namely, my husband — to point out that I may be just a tad over the top. He usually uses code words like, “Isn’t it time to take a few ‘vitamins,’ dear?” as he lies prostrate at my feet holding a 50-pound block of extra dark chocolate. (more…)

Vitamin E: The truths and the myths

By David Leonhardt

Vitamin E is an absolutely vital nutrient in your body, but it probably can’t do half the things you heard it can. (more…)

Herbs for Fertility, Periods, Libido, and Avoiding Conception

By Susun Weed

For thousands of years, knowledge of herbs and wild plants that could increase fertility were the secrets of the village wise women. But after the holocaust against European wise women (the “burning times”) and the virtual extermination of Native American medicine women, this knowledge virtually disappeared. In fact, many people erroneously believe that “primitive people” had no means of controlling the likelihood of pregnancy. Nothing could be further from the truth. (more…)

Minerals Make the Difference in Women’s Health

By Susun Weed

NOTE: Article for menopausal AND non-menopausal women using minerals to improve health. (more…)

Q&A: I keep hearing about cloth menstrual pads, and it sounds like a great idea – I think!

Question: I keep hearing about cloth menstrual pads, and it sounds like a great idea – I think! What’s the scoop?

Aromatherapy for Moods, Healing & More

By Susie Cortright

Contemporary healers, therapists and marketing gurus are grabbing hold of a phenomenon that insects and animals instinctively understand: the power of aroma. (more…)

Keep a Little Mother[wort] Around the House

By Susun Weed

“Everyone ought to have a little mother around the house,” grandmother Edith would frequently say. The mother she meant is motherwort, a common weed and a treasured ally to women stressed by menopausal (and other) problems. (more…)

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