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Busted: The Top 10 Cloth Diaper Myths
By Mona Harris
Cloth diapers today are much different from those used by our parents. You may be thinking of using cloth, but stories of pins, plastic pants and washing with bleach can be a real turn-off. 05/01/04

The True Cost of Diapering
Just as you gathered information on pregnancy, birth and infant care, so will you want your diapering choice to be an informed one. 05/01/04

Questions & Answers
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Stop the Diaper Changing Battles
By Elizabeth Pantley
Babies are little bundles of energy! They don’t want to lie still to have their diapers changed. They cry, fuss or even crawl away. A simple issue can turn into a major tug-of-war between parent and baby. 04/01/04

Tools You Can Use:
Quick, Easy Solutions to Rash-Free Diapering
By Susy Goins

Teetering on the thin line between mainstream and crunchy-granola lies the life of a new parent. It’s a future full of so many things: hope, joy, frustration, lost sleep … and baby butts. 03/04

Diaper Rash 101
By Elizabeth Pantley
For some babies, it's a rare occurrence, but others seem to have especially sensitive skin that frequently erupts in that telltale shade of painful-looking red. 03/04

Infant Potty Training
By Laurie Boucke
There is a growing community of mothers who are using infant potty training (IPT) with their babies, a method similar to the way mothers around the world have been handling the elimination issue for centuries. 02/04

Natural Infant Hygiene:
A Gentle Alternative to Long-term Diapering
By Ingrid Bauer
The consequences have been positive: a strengthened trust, an intimate bond and a child who is conscious and comfortable in his body. 02/01/04

Save Thousands of Dollars with Cloth Diapering
By Mary McCarthy
The average baby is in diapers between two to three years and uses between 8,000 to 10,000 diapers. How much does this equal for the average parent? 01/01/04

These Ain't Your Grandma's Cloth Diapers
By Heather Sanders
Take a moment to introduce yourself to the NEW cloth diapering. Put aside your old perceptions and suppositions about cloth diapers.12/01/03


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Operation Special Delivery offers doula services to military spouses
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"The media have become the mainstream culture in children's lives. Parents have become the alternative. Americans once expected parents to raise their children in accordance with the dominant cultural messages. Today they are expected to raise their children in opposition to it."
-- Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe columnist

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