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Getting Back to Basics with Babywearing
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Slings

© Used by permission

The Chinese Mei Tai sling from Toot Sweet Baby

By Lisa Poisso

Looking to make a grand entrance (well, if you were backing up, that is)? The red silk Mei Tai Chinese back carrier from Toot Sweet Baby is hands down the most stunning baby carrier out there today. Embroidered with a phoenix, dragons, flowers and other Chinese symbols, this carrier is not only drop-dead gorgeous but lightweight, sturdy and comfortable to boot.

This simple one-size carrier consists of a square of fabric with four long tails that are used to tie the carrier – and the baby -- onto the body. The “silk” version is in fact an embroidered silk panel sewn onto sturdy cotton twill. The cotton version features hand embroidery. This sling is made for carrying your baby on your back, although it is possible to wear the carrier in front as well.


Portable The Mei Tai is lightweight and easy to fold up inside a diaper bag or purse.

Easy to clean The 100 percent cotton Mei Tai is machine washable in cold water.

Fits many sizes
The Mei Tai is one-size-fits-all. The ties may not be long enough for exceptionally large or tall users.

Beauty The silk Mei Tai is hands down the most stunning baby carrier out there. The cotton version is lovely as well, and custom versions in your choice of fabric are also available.

© Used by permission 

Comfort Baby’s weight is distributed across your shoulders and waist with the Mei Tai’s wide cotton straps. This carrier is exceptionally comfortable for active use such as cooking, vacuuming and walking. Little fabric in contact with the body makes this carrier cool in warm climates.

All fabric styles of the Mei Tai carrier are reasonably priced.


Complex to put on Putting on a Mei Tai takes practice, balance and confidence. It helps to be able to sit down, and moving it from back to front or removing it when you’re done is not quick. See complete instructions here.

Not versatile
The Mei Tai is designed for carrying babies on your back. While it’s possible to use it for front-carrying or even nursing, you’ll need to begin with the back carry and then shift it around. You cannot carry a newborn in a Mei Tai.

You won’t find a Mei Tai at the local baby store or department store. The Mei Tai is available online from Toot Sweet Baby, a small work-at-home company. Selection and availability may be limited.

Learning curve
The Mei Tai can be intimidating to learn to use, especially with a tiny baby. The online instructions and photos on Toot Sweet’s site go a long way toward helping. Practice makes perfect.

Toot Sweet Baby

Lisa Poisso is the NFO editor. Read more about Lisa.




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Operation Special Delivery offers doula services to military spouses
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