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Getting Back to Basics with Babywearing
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Slings

© Used by permission

New Native Baby Carrier

By Patricia Newton

Of all the new baby items that have come out in recent years, the New Native Baby Carrier is the thing I most wish I’d had when my girls were babies. It would have made a great addition to my collection of baby slings. I use a New Native Baby Carrier in my breastfeeding classes now to show parents-to-be how useful a sling is while nursing.

The New Native Baby Carrier is a comfortable one-piece baby sling, available in 100% organic cotton or 100% regular cotton.


Socio-Political As with all products made by New Native, these carriers are made in the United States.

Ease of Use

The New Native’s simple design allows wearers to put it on and take it off quickly, without the hassle of buckles, snaps, Velcro or ties. Unlike other styles of slings, it cannot become unfastened. It is not hot or bulky to wear, and the sides can easily be pulled up for privacy when nursing in public. There is ample room for baby to kick around.

Machine wash and tumble dry. There are no metal attachments to bang around in your dryer or Velcro tabs to collect loose threads.


Low Position for Smaller Babies
Babies tend to sink low into this carrier, which may not please babies who prefer to look out and about. Extra propping with a small towel or the New Native Infant Support Pillow may be necessary.

Because they are made from a single piece of cloth, the New Native is not adjustable. Each sling needs to be properly fitted for the wearer. Each carrier can be made slightly smaller by sewing a small shoulder seam.

New Native carriers are not available in major retail stores. Orders are accepted on the company’s website and through individual retailers in approximately 40 states throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe.

An entire line of natural baby products including the New Native Baby Carrier, as well as the inspirational story of how owner Nancy Main started her business.

In addition to being a freelance writer, Patricia Newton is a certified childbirth educator and doula. See more about the founder of Operation Special Delivery.





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-- Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe columnist

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