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Internal Spring:
Out With the Old, In With the New!

By Lena Sanchez

As most women know, if you let a house go without periodic cleanings, you will find that the furniture and walls lose their luster and brightness and will rot and need to be replaced. So too does our body -- trouble is, we don't have a replacement body.

We had elderly neighbors who lived by us for about 20 years who covered all their furniture with cloth and plastic to keep them clean so they wouldn't have to clean them. They thought that was the way to less work at their age. They had one chair each in the living room that they sat in; the couch went unused, as all their friends had died years before. The other furniture was unused. After the husband died, the wife became bedfast, and we took her into our home and cared for her until she died a few short months later.

My husband and I were left the job of disposing of their estate. We sat down on their new-looking couch to contemplate where to start, and it started to rip apart underneath our bottoms. As we started to move their possessions for clearance, just about everything was rotted and fell apart as we touched it -- except for the two chairs, their bed, stove and dining table, which had all been cleaned and used regularly.

The same thing happens with our body. You may not realize it until one day it “rips apart,” too, in the form of an illness.

Seasonal changes
Just as a home closed up due to the cold weather builds up stale air and stagnant dust and mites and needs a spring-cleaning, so too does our body need a spring-cleaning to shine, feel and look bright for the warm weather ahead.

Sitting in front of the boob tube and/or computer desk makes for the same situation as with our late neighbors’ possessions. Winter is a particularly bad couch potato season. Winter is the time usually spent sitting in front of the fire keeping warm and indulging on fatty fried foods and baked goodies that helps heat the house when the oven is on. It seems our body craves certain fatty, sweet heavy types of comfort food in the cold months. Those foods also act as a mechanism for insulating us from the cold.

Very few of us have access to hothouses with fresh fruits and vegetables where we can run right out and pick fresh daily. Nor can we all live in Southern California, South Texas or Florida where we have access to fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Therefore, the body starts to become clogged and stagnant. Results are that our internal body builds up stagnate poisons and pollution and needs to be removed before causing serious illnesses.

In some cultures a yearly spring ritual announces the beginning spring and assures an enjoyable summer.

Just as a spring housecleaning preserves a house, so does a cleansing of our bodies. A housecleaning of our bodies is cleaning the temple of our soul, making for a healthy body, a healthy mind, long life and contentment.

Tools for internal cleaning
Start with exercise. A good, brisk walk four to six days a week stimulates your immune system. If you can't walk a full 30 or 45 minutes in the beginning, start with a 15- or 20-minute walk and work up to 30 to 45 minutes. Don't forget to stretch your leg muscles before starting your walk.

If you are are confined to bed, get the blood moving by brisk rubbing with a soft bristle brush or a wash cloth wrapped around the hand. Rub each individual part of your body first thing on awaking, or have someone give you a deep tissue massage. Either method should be followed by drinking lots of clean filtered or purified water. Who knows, you may be able to get up and around after doing your internal spring cleaning.

Not all of the following herbs are necessary, but by combining several, you will find a faster and more thorough cleansing effect that will leave you feeling invigorated.

In our house, spring was time for eating wild poke salid (not a spelling mistake), picking and eating in various ways. We went hunting for the first sprigs to poke their heads out and we consumed them in large quantities steamed and sautéed. I found out, as I got older that poke salid is a great blood cleaner, besides being filled with lots of healthy nutrients.

Other great natural blood cleansers are:

Alfalfa Cleanses and builds the blood

Black Walnut An effective treatment for intestinal worms and parasites; helps to remove the fatty materials and toxic buildup in the body out of the body.

Cascara Sagrada Increases the secretions of the stomach, liver and pancreas, which expel poisonous secretions; in the Spanish language, it is called sacred bark due to its potent cleansing and laxative qualities.

Dandelion Root Most of us who have lawns have an abundant supply of this; an excellent liver detoxifier simple pick a few and add to your dinner salad.

Fenugreek Encourages the removal of toxic waste from the lymphatic system and lungs.

Goldenseal A detoxifier of the blood, liver, kidneys and skin; also very effective in treating amoebic dysentery (giardia) when used over a 10-day period; should not be used longer than 10 days.

Hawthorn Berry Great for strengthening the heart and a fantastic digestive aid which helps to utilize the nutrients ingested.

Licorice Root Known as the great detoxifier; strengthens digestion and detoxes poisons built up in the gastrointestinal system.

Milk Thistle One of the most potent liver protecting herbs; more than 100 studies have shown that this herb not only protects the liver but generate new liver cells: a strong cleanser and inhibits free radicals.

Mullein Known for its expectorant and soothing properties to the lungs and other internal organs.

Parsley Not only attractive when decorating your food but a great diuretic; aids in the digestion.

Red Clover Known for its blood purifiers, clears the skin and treats inflamed lungs.

Yellowdock Touted for its purifying properties that cleanse the skin, liver and blood; used as a tonic and laxative but also builds the blood and helps treat anemia.

Ionic Liquid Minerals Balances the mineral system and detoxes.

An enhanced internal cleansing requires eating three or four meals with mostly dark green vegetables. My favorites steamed or raw are swiss chard, kale, spinach or mustard greens with a touch of flax oil, lemon juice, sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder and lemon pepper.

Now get your body tuned up to enjoy the warm weather and give your body the oomph to enjoy your summer outings!

© Lena Sanchez

Lena Sanchez a happy retired medical office nurse, administrator and consultant who took charge of her life eight years ago and is committed to helping others do the same. She is the editor of Natural Environmental Health Facts & Your Home Business Coach" e-zines. Subscribe by e-mail at [email protected]. Lena is the author of three health-building books.


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