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Breastfeeding Articles

All Other NFO Breastfeeding Articles

Free Baby Website - Affordable Baby Web Site
FREE safe, secure baby, toddler and child websites!

Massachusetts Bans Formula Freebies
In a groundbreaking step for mothers and babies, Massachusetts became the first state to prohibit hospitals from giving out free formula company diaper bags to new parents.

Nursing Strike!
You and your baby have been happily nursing for several months. You have overcome the common problems nursing couples have in the early weeks, such as sore nipples or engorgement, and things are progressing nicely. Suddenly, he begins refusing the breast and seems quite unhappy about it. Is he weaning? Is he sick? Is there something wrong with your milk?

Breastfeeding After Your Cesarean
In the United States, nearly one in four births is a cesarean birth. Many of these cesareans are unexpected, so it is a good idea for the expectant mother to become informed and educated about the procedure before her baby arrives.

10 Steps for Effective Pumping
Pumping can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. It feels a little strange because of the newness, it’s certainly not as effective as a baby and it can sometimes be frustrating to figure out. Try these tried-and-true tips to help you effectively pump.

Creams and Ointments For Sore Nipples
The best ointment for sore nipples is readily available and free of charge: breast milk! Express a few drops of milk onto your nipples after feeding, and let them air dry before covering them. If your nipples are damaged, moist healing may help.

How to Find a Breastfeeding Class
About midway through your second trimester, your caregiver will suggest that you register for prenatal classes. Many moms assume that they need childbirth preparation only and that they will learn everything else in the hospital, from books, or “on the job.” This is ironic, because while the labor and birth process is usually over in 24 hours or less, feeding and caring for your baby will take years. Find out what the content is of classes available in your community, rather than choosing the first class that is offered to you.

What exactly is this “La Leche League”?
La Leche League International was formed almost 50 years ago by seven women who knew that breastfeeding didn’t always get off to a good start. They realized that a woman’s chance of success increased if she had access to accurate, current information with a support network. Women often receive conflicting information from well meaning friends, family members and sometimes even health care providers. La Leche League Leaders don’t tell a mother what to do; they merely provide a woman with the information needed to make the best choices for herself and her family. The meetings offered by La Leche League provide a safe, open environment that allows mothers to learn more about themselves.

Living Through Your Baby’s Colic
Quite simply an absolute nightmare for parents and babies alike, colic is likely to be the first major test of your parenting skills. It is dreadful for all concerned, but these tips should help you cope with this difficult time. You must at all times remember that your baby is not crying to annoy you or to punish you for something you have not done. It is not your fault that she is suffering in this way, nor is it hers. All you can do is to help relieve her pain.

Milk Supply Articles
View our 2005 series of milk supply articles by Natural Family Online breastfeeding channel editor, Denise Altman of, and other milk supply articles published on NFO.

Tiny Babies Bank on Liquid Gold
For the tiniest, sickest babies, the choice between infant formula and breast milk can be much more than a matter of “breast is best” — it can be a matter of life or death. Yet while organ and blood donation programs touch literally millions of lives across the country every year, most families — and many doctors — are unaware that milk banks even exist. One of two milk banks in Texas, the Mothers’ Milk Bank is only the seventh human milk bank in the entire United States.

Tea for Two - Breastfeeding Tea and Relaxation
Nursing is one of the most powerful energy exchanges between two people. Mother and child are connected at a deep soul level. Sometimes, though, busy lives, medicine, myths and measurements seem to sabotage efforts and undermine this powerful relationship. Mothers are often told, "Give the baby a bottle," or "When are you going to stop?" When a nursing mom is feeling run-down, insecure or convinced she is not making enough milk, she can do a few simple things to uplift emotions, increase supply and make time for herself.

Help Your Hubby Support Breastfeeding
Odd as it sounds, you and your child aren’t the only ones affected by your decision to breastfeed — your husband is, too. And getting him involved is critical. A number of studies have shown that when dads support and encourage breastfeeding, their wives are more interested in doing it, are a lot more successful and do it for longer.

My 6-month-old baby wakes up almost every hour to breastfeed.
I want to respond to her cues, and I don't believe in letting her cry. I'm getting so tired that I can barely function during the day. Please, I desperately need some help!

Getting Out Sans Baby: Is It Just a Matter of Milk?
It can be worrisome for loving parents to think that their baby may be in a situation in which an important need such as hunger cannot be satisfied. Many nursing mothers assume that the answer to this dilemma is to teach the baby to take a bottle, so there will be an alternative to nursing if it is ever needed.

Do Breastfeeding and Pacifiers Mix?
I'd personally suggest that most breastfed babies, if they get a pacifier at all, would be better off without a pacifier until the six-week growth spurt is over and mom's milk supply is well established.

Nursing: It’s More than Breastfeeding – And Every Mother Can Do It!
Breastfeeding isn’t only about providing mother’s milk. While seldom recognized in literature, doctors’ advice or common conversation, there’s a whole lot more to breastfeeding than nutrition and immunity.

Nursing Bras 101
Select the right nursing bra with tips on fit, feature and care from Becky Flora and advice on styling from Joanne Davidson.

An NFO Special Report

This groundbreaking analysis from noted author, health educator and advocate Dr. Linda Folden Palmer may be a rude awakening for the millions of Americans who have bought into the myth that infant formula is a perfectly safe breast milk substitute. Read the shocking results here.

Dr. Palmer's key finding: Using formula DOUBLES THE DEATH RATE for American infants.

Natural Parenting

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Articles on Getting Kids To Sleep

My 6-month-old baby wakes up almost every hour to breastfeed.
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Using White Noise While Babies Sleep
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Co-sleeping and the Family Bed

Tips for Successful Family Beds
We’re expecting our first baby soon and thinking about using a family bed.
Using a Family Bed - Co Sleeping
Checklist For Safe Cosleeping
Top 10 Uses For a Crib (other than sleeping!)
Co-sleeping and the Media

Babywearing - Using Slings

Getting Back to Basics with Babywearing
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Slings
View our February 2004 sling review series

Natural Fathering Articles

10 Reasons to Tell Your Kids Stories
Help Your Hubby Support Breastfeeding
Help For Overwhelmed Fathers
Natural Fathering - Save Memories of Your Children
Fathers, Tell Your Stories
Top 10 Common Sense Rules for Fathers

Parenting Stress

How to Help Your Marriage Survive a New Baby
When It’s More Than the “Baby Blues”
I Yelled at My Kids
My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!
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Positive Parenting Articles

10 Reasons to Tell Your Kids Stories
Getting Kids to Organize Themselves

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids From Fighting
10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You
Give Your Kids Household Chores!
Encourage Children to Play Naturally
Getting Your Kids to Cooperate

Attachment Parenting Articles

Create a Peaceful Home Sanctuary
Long Term Attachment Parenting

Can There Be Too Much? - Attachment Parenting
Parenting Style Differences

Caring vs. Caring Too Much
Learning All Day Long
Falling off the AP Wagon


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