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Baby Care

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Free Baby Website - Affordable Baby Web Site
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The Difference Between a Weed and a Flower Is The Reference Book You're Reading
I really don't like pumping my kids up with some drug to make them feel better. Laugh all you want, especially if you knew me in college, but it's true. If my kids get sick, I refuse to pick up a bottle of ibuprofen or cough syrup or baby-anything drug. Now before you pick up the phone and call CPS, hear me out.

When Doctors Fire Their Patients
“You’re fired!” While this phrase may have become popular in some TV-show circles, it’s probably the last thing that a parent expects to hear during a routine visit to her child’s pediatrician. For Nipuna Dasi, a Seattle, Washington, mother of three, not only did her son’s pediatrician fire her, but Dasi also left the appointment with the concern that CPS might be following up.

13 Uses for Prefolds — Besides Diapering!
Prefold diapers have been popular since before most of us were born, and they've had a resurgence in the last few years. But prefolds are great for all sorts of household uses.

Natural Cough Remedies
The pharmacy shelves are stocked with cough syrups full of chemicals, alcohol and dyes. Are there natural cough remedies to try?

I think that my 9-month old granddaughter needs more solid foods, and my daughter insists that babies cannot digest food this early. Will more solids help my granddaughter sleep through the night?

Eight Ways to Bond With Your Baby
Research indicates that babies who develop fulfilling relationships with their parents tend to grow into secure, well-adjusted adults and even perform better at school. Bonding is a natural process but there are many ways to help out, especially if you provide focused, responsive care in a nurturing environment.

Make Your Own Frozen Baby Food
With our twin boys getting ready to start solid food, I have been reading about making and freezing my own baby food. It is very easy! You can make up large quantities of baby meals and freeze them for later use.

Make Your Own Baby Food
Making your own homemade baby food will ensure that what your child is eating is fresh, nutritious and free of additives. By making your own baby food, you'll be saving money. Also, you will have total control over what is put into your baby's food. You can therefore take the extra steps to ensure that only high quality foods are selected and used. You will be able to feed your baby according to his or her needs because you will know what foods are best suited for your baby from experience.

Happy Heinys Cloth Pocket Diapers - Stacinator Cloth Diaper Covers - Pocket Diapers
Looking for Diapers & Accessories?
Diapers, covers, wet bags, PUL tote bags, inserts, novelty items,, wipes & more! At the Balter Catalogue Company.

Living Through Your Baby’s Colic
Quite simply an absolute nightmare for parents and babies alike, colic is likely to be the first major test of your parenting skills. It is dreadful for all concerned, but these tips should help you cope with this difficult time. You must at all times remember that your baby is not crying to annoy you or to punish you for something you have not done. It is not your fault that she is suffering in this way, nor is it hers. All you can do is to help relieve her pain.

Baby Massage From A-Z
Baby massage has been practiced since ancient times. It can be as simple as a gentle rub with lotion after a bath or a more practiced infant massage. The benefits are many for both baby and parent. You can, and should, massage a child of any age from newborn to adulthood. Children learn much about the power of gentle touch. There's something very special about spending a little time giving your teenager a backrub or foot massage. It maintains a beautiful parent-child connection throughout a lifetime.

Disciplining an Infant: Are You Kidding?
The thought of disciplining a child in the first year of life seems wrong or even ridiculous. Yet every time an infant reaches up to tug his mother's hair and she gently removes his grasp, or when he pulls an unsafe object to his mouth and she intervenes, that's setting limits, that's redirecting, that's guidance — and yes, that's discipline. Effective discipline is not punishment. It's teaching. Discipline really starts from day one.

10 Tips for Finding a Medical Professional For Your Child
Well before treatment is needed, help your child to prepare emotionally for medical procedures. Play "dentist,” "doctor" or "hospital,” read relevant books about children having medical treatment. To help your child become familiar with medical instruments before treatment is needed, find real instruments (such as a rubber pick and plastic dental mirror) or create "play" ones (such as using a piece of fabric as a blood pressure wrap). Medical treatment can be frightening to a child, especially if there are too many new and strange things to learn about all at once.

Ear Infections and Homeopathy
When my first boy had an ear infection when he was a baby, I was able to figure it out by paying close attention to him. No, he didn't really tug on his ear; he more or less flapped it with his hand, a lot like a hound dog scratching his ear. But Joey developed a sudden breast preference and was using the definitive "pain" cry at night.

Yoga for Kids and Parents
“Baby yoga! Baby yoga!” This is my daughter’s chant any time she reaches over to place her hands in front of her toes, in essence doing the toddler version of downward facing dog. I fantasized about doing yoga with my children before becoming pregnant, but I never pictured it like this.

Starting Solids
And the closer to 6 months the better, especially if you are breastfeeding. Your baby's body in its first few months was designed to digest breast milk or something similar to it. And calorie for calorie, no solid food has the nutritional quality of breast milk or formula for your young baby.

Pets and Kids: When Baby Makes Four
A curious and affectionate pet can unintentionally harm a baby. A child may be accidentally scratched or even dropped when a friendly dog jumps up on you to investigate. When the baby learns to crawl and then to walk, it enters a new phase, and your pet's view of the child may change.

To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise
For some parents, circumcision has a deep religious significance; the procedure is central to establishing a newborn boy's identity. But for many other parents, the circumcision decision has become increasingly difficult. Traditionally, many parents turn to the medical profession for advice, but the American Academy of Pediatrics has made it clear that there is no right or wrong decision on the circumcision issue.

Tips to Build Sibling Attachment
The second time around, a parent knows how to care for an infant and how quickly the dependent infant becomes a struggling-for-independence child. For many parents pregnant with the second, the fear is about the first child. How will she handle the new baby? How am I going to give my first the attention she is used to?

What You Need to Know About Feeding A Preemie
I highly recommend that all pregnant mothers become informed about premature infant care. There’s no time to become informed if a premature birth happens to you, and your choices will have huge consequences on the survival and long-term health of your baby. If you’re not informed, medicalization can win out and your baby may lose out – so please do take time to think about the possibilities of preemie care today.

Hepatitis B: Your Baby’s First Vaccination?
When it comes to vaccinations, more parents are thinking twice before giving their doctor permission to inject their babies. The hepatitis B vaccine is no exception.

Caring for Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord
The most common method for cleaning the umbilical cord stump is using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, gauze pad or cotton swab. A newer recommendation is to clean with clear water, which may work as well or even better.

The ABCs of Treating Your Kid’s Excema
Eczema is a common, recurring skin condition characterized by a dry, flaky, itchy rash, which can affect different parts of the body. Its appearance may vary depending on its severity and topical location. Another commonly used term for this condition is atopic dermatitis.

What is Attachment Parenting?

Attachment Parenting: Is It For You? 
What is Attachment Parenting?
The Science of Attachment
The Chemistry of Attachment

Long Term Attachment Parenting
What exactly is “attachment parenting” as it applies to all ages?

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Siblings Fighting
Tips to Build Sibling Attachment
Siblings at the Baby’s Birth?
How do we know if we’re ready to have another baby?
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Natural Parenting

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When Your Parenting Comes Under Fire
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Tips for Successful Family Beds
We’re expecting our first baby soon and thinking about using a family bed.
Using a Family Bed - Co Sleeping
Checklist For Safe Cosleeping
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Babywearing - Using Slings

Getting Back to Basics with Babywearing
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Slings
View our February 2004 sling review series

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10 Reasons to Tell Your Kids Stories
Help Your Hubby Support Breastfeeding
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Parenting Stress

How to Help Your Marriage Survive a New Baby
When It’s More Than the “Baby Blues”
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Create a Peaceful Home Sanctuary
Long Term Attachment Parenting

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Parenting Style Differences

Caring vs. Caring Too Much
Learning All Day Long
Falling off the AP Wagon



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