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Treating Problem Skin Naturally

By Katharina Bishop

Do you have problem skin? Have you tried many different products promising you blemish-free skin? Chances are they didn’t work, leaving your skin sore, irritated or dry.

ZENMED is a natural cosmetics company based in Victoria, BC specializing in products for problem skin that work from the inside out. Combining scientific remedies with natural ingredients that have long been known in many cultures to help ease the discomforts of skin disorders such as acne, ZENMED has devised a revolutionary hybrid technology fusing what nature offers with what science has already proven.

The treatment of chronic skin problems requires a two-pronged effort in order to create and maintain long-term results. How does this work in practice? If you have any kind of acne — even very severe acne — the ZENMED Derma Cleanse system will help clear your complexion in an all-natural, three-step system that is formulated to treat acne from the inside out.

Acne is caused by imbalances and impurities within the body, so the system starts with Derma Cleanse Capsules, an internal cleansing treatment that goes right to the source and fights acne before it begins by regulating your hormone levels, cleansing your endocrine system, detoxifying and cleansing your liver and relaxing your nervous system.

The capsules help your body fight acne-causing bacteria at its source. This is a major component in preventing future acne. Derma Cleanse Gentle Cleanser and Derma Cleanse Gel clear the acne you currently have and work to prevent future breakouts.

ZENMED is a socially and ecologically responsible company. Their products are cruelty-free (ZENMED is a members of PETA), certified organic where possible and come in 100% recyclable packaging (without carton boxes!).

The ZENMED product range includes treatments for acne (face and body), rosacea, scars and hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, cold sores, hemorrhoids and excema/ dermatitis. All ZENMED products come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

ZENMED products are available world-wide by shopping online at ZENMED products will be available in stores throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia next year.

© Katharina Bishop

NFO Natural Beauty Editor Katharina Bishop is a freelance writer. She studied medicine for three years in Germany and is in the process of completing a degree in modern language studies in the United Kingdom. She is the owner of Wondrous Gems, a business specializing in crystal carvings and designer jewelry. She lives in southwest England with her husband and son.



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