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Herbalism Articles

Ginger for an Upset Stomach
The common ginger root used in cooking has been found to alleviate nausea, indigestion and motion sickness. For motion sickness, ginger is more effective than the common Dramamine, says the British medical journal Lancet.

Natural Cough Remedies
The pharmacy shelves are stocked with cough syrups full of chemicals, alcohol and dyes. Are there natural cough remedies to try?

Home Remedy for Coughs
Here are two of my favorites (excerpted from my book, Gentle Healing for Baby and Child ... A Parent's Guide). The first is prepared and consumed right away, while the second may be prepared and stored in your refrigerator all winter long.

Be Your Own Herbal Expert: Part 5
Herbal medicine is the medicine of the people. It is simple, safe, effective and free. Our ancestors used —and our neighbors around the world still use — plant medicines for healing and health maintenance. It's easy.

Be Your Own Herbal Expert: Part 6
Herbal medicine is the medicine of the people. It is simple, safe, effective and free. Our ancestors used —and our neighbors around the world still use — plant medicines for healing and health maintenance. It's easy.

Ease Those Bug Bites with Easy Herbs
Summertime means insect bites and stings. Ouch! Take a leaf from Susun S. Weed's storehouse of natural remedies: Soothe, heal and prevent bites with safe herbal remedies that grow right where you live: north or south, east or west, city or country. The best natural remedies for insect bites are right underfoot.

7 Ways to Soothe Your Allergies
Spring is here, and allergy sufferers everywhere are tearing up. The warmer weather invites us to spend more time outdoors but the red eyes, itchy noses and nasal congestion make outdoor fun a challenge. Check with your health care provider to see if any of these supplements can help ease those uncomfortable symptoms and to make sure they are safe in your particular situation.

Breastfeeding Tea for Milk Supply and Relaxation
Nursing is one of the most powerful energy exchanges between two people. Mother and child are connected at a deep soul level. Sometimes, though, busy lives, medicine, myths and measurements seem to sabotage efforts and undermine this powerful relationship. Mothers are often told, "Give the baby a bottle," or "When are you going to stop?" When a nursing mom is feeling run-down, insecure or convinced she is not making enough milk, she can do a few simple things to uplift emotions, increase supply and make time for herself.

What can I give my child when she's had a stressful day, is nervous, fearful, teething, or cannot seem to fall asleep?
Mrs. Rabbit's secret tea is the answer to a multitude of baby and child upsets. Peter Rabbit’s heart went pit-a-pat as he ran from Farmer MacGregor, but his mother knew to calm him with a nice warm cup of chamomile tea. When he couldn’t sleep or had a tummy ache, good old chamomile came to the rescue.

Black Tea Natural Remedy & Beauty Tips
Most of us know all about the health benefits and pleasures of drinking black tea. What you may not know is that tea is also a fabulous beauty aid. When applied to skin, black tea’s strong antioxidants, along with vitamins E and C, fight the free radicals that can cause premature aging. And tea is also an astringent that will help with puffy eyes and blemishes as well as toning lips, perking up the complexion, highlighting hair and making your feet smell sweet. Its tannins are great at soothing sunburns.

Sage: More Than Poultry Stuffing!
The wise gardener who planted salvia officinalis has an abundance of sage for valuable medicinal use. Prepared as an infusion (1 teaspoon of the herb steeped 15 to 30 minutes in a covered cup of boiled water), sage has a multitude of applications.

Using Flower Essences for Emotional Well-being
Flower essence therapy is similar to homeopathy in important ways. It works on a non-physical level to help resolve, not suppress, issues that affect your health. What are the issues specific to you that are affecting you the most right now?

Herbs for Fertility, Periods, Libido, and Avoiding Conception
For thousands of years, knowledge of herbs and wild plants that could increase fertility were the secrets of the village wise women. But after the holocaust against European wise women (the "burning times") and the virtual extermination of Native American medicine women, this knowledge virtually disappeared.

Try Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health
In their recent article about using saw palmetto to treat prostate disorders, Andrea Gordon, M.D., and Allen Shaughnessy, Pharm.D., state that “saw palmetto appears to have efficacy similar to that of medications like finasteride, but it is better tolerated and less expensive.”

Melt Away Tension With Lemon Balm
Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, has been used for centuries to melt away tension, relax the body and soothe the mind. Often overlooked, it deserves to be considered as a part of any medicinal herb garden.

Have a Little Mother[wort] Around the House
Grandmother Edith's love affair with motherwort began when her hot flashes knocked her out in the supermarket. It continued as motherwort mended her husband's heart and grew and grew as her five daughters found relief from PMS and menstrual cramps, constipation and the crazies with the help of the little mother, motherwort.

Natural help for Uterine Fibroids 
Uterine fibroids are solid muscle tissue growths in the uterus. They are also called fibroid tumors, myomas or leiomyomas. Fibroids occur so frequently (in up to half of all women over 40) that they could be considered a normal irregularity. The occasional fibroid can become enormous -- medical literature reports one that was 100 pounds! -- but the majority (80 percent) remain as small as a walnut.

Be Your Own Herbal Expert
Herbal medicine is the medicine of the people. It is simple, safe, effective and free. Our ancestors knew how to use an enormous variety of plants for health and well-being. Our neighbors around the world continue to use local plants for healing and health maintenance. You can, too!

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